Stone-cold Killer

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Stone-cold Killer
Type Kill Boss
Location Eureka Hydatos - The East Val River Bank (x36.3,y14.0)
Level 59
Duration 30m
Spawn Enemy Hydatos Delphine
Enemies Ceto
Description Ceto's handmaidens-and only they-are as children to her, so it ought to come as no surprise that their murder would set her shaking, slashing, and spearing with rage. Other things one should avoid being surprised by include the reach and lethality of her assorted limbs.
Rewards Ceto's Claw, Hydatos Cluster
Experience 25,699,605
Tomestones Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 114
Stone-cold Killer is a level 59 Kill Boss FATE in Eureka Hydatos - The East Val River Bank (x36.3,y14.0).

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