Stifled Screams

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Stifled Screams

Rogue quest image.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:6.1)
Experience 2,880
Gil 0
Previous quest
Stray into the Shadows
Next quest
Slave to the Code

Jacke wishes to bring you in on a tricky assignment.

— In-game description




After accepting the quest from the Rogue's Guild, head to Moraby Drydocks. At (18,35) you will arrive at a destination for a short cutscene. From here, head to Aleport. Speak with Jacke towards the end of the pier to commence in a duty at level sync 19. For this duty, use Hide to sneak past the Yellowjackets into the first door on the right. In this room, you will notice a prisoner in bindings. Sneak up on the level 16 enemy next to the prisoner and kill them. Finishing with Assassinate is the quickest way to accomplish this. Free the prisoner and activate Hide again.
Move up the ramp into the next room on the right. In here attack the enemy closest to the bound prisoner, killing them once more. Immediately free the prisoner and active Hide to move on to the last room.
At the top of the ramp there will be two additional prisoners next to an enemy. When you finish killing this one, Jacke will suddenly show up and boast you didn't need him there after all! Several enemies will attack and be quickly dispatched by you and Jacke. This will complete the duty and give you Throwing Dagger!


  • Speak with Jacke.
  • Speak with Moraby Drydocks.
  • Spy on the Jolly Merchant until Jacke arrives.
  • Speak with Aleport.
  • Speak with Jacke and free the captives.
  • Speak with Aleport.


  • Jacke wishes to bring you in on a tricky assignment.
  • The latest client come to the rogues for assistance hails from Maelstrom Command itself. It would seem that a group called the Jolly Merchants has been abducting smallfolk, but that the Maelstrom is powerless to stop them without causing a panic. Jacke accepts the job without hesistation, and nominates you to help him engage the slavers directly. Speak with Jacke for further instructions.
  • Hearing that a Jolly Merchant has been spied prowling the countryside, Jacke sends you to lower La Noscea to gather more information. Travel to the Moraby Drydocks and speak with Swarsynt.
  • You meet with Swarsynt, and the watchful rogue-turned-shipwright tells you of an odd group he spotted earlier that he now believes to be a pirate and two captives. Swarsynt then muses that the slaver likely has a boat hidden somewhere along the coast to the south. Travel to the Salt Strand, and keep an eye on the Jolly Merchant until Jacke arrives.
  • As you and Jacke spy on the slaver and witness his unpleasant treatment of the captives, you learn that the Jolly Merchants mean to gather in Aleport to await the return of their ship, the Jolly Merchantman. Make your way to Aleport and speak with Jacke to learn how the guildmaster intends to deal with the assembled pirates.
  • Jacke has ascertained that your marks, along with their prisoners, have taken rooms in Aleport. Speak with Jacke once more when you are ready to put his plan for liberating the captives into action.
  • You have defeated the Jolly Merchants and freed the abducted villagers. Speak with Jacke again to complete your assignment.
  • Just as the guildmaster is complimenting you on a job well done, you are approached by one of the former captives. After thanking you for her rescue, the yet-shaken girl explains that she heard her captor muttering about a lingering group of slavers that failed to make the rendezvous. It seems the job is not yet finished. Add the Throwing Dagger technique to your arsenal of rogue tools, then rejoin Jacke in Aleport to eliminate the remnants of the Jolly Merchants.