Slave to the Code

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Slave to the Code

Rogue quest image.png
Quest giver
Western La Noscea (X:27.8, Y:28.4)
Experience 2,880
Gil 0
Previous quest
Stifled Screams
Next quest
Grinners in the Mist

Jacke is determined to track down the remnants of the Jolly Merchants.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


After going through the rounds of accepting the quest (which will be immediately available after Stifled Screams), proceed to Western La Noscea (32,27). You will aid the prisoners here for another duty at level sync 19. In this fight, DO NOT DIRECTLY ATTACK THE MOBS. Instead, stay back and use your handy new skill, "Throwing Dagger" to maintain your distance and avoid getting hit. The Dodos only take 2 hits to go down, so focus your attacks on them first. After the second spawn of Dodos, reinforcements come to assist you and Jacke. Simply stand back and let them take care of the primary attacking. If your health begins to dip, Jacke will cast Physick on you to keep you alive. Do not stray far or he will not be able to heal you. This fight is simple as long as you maintain your distance and do not get hit. Focus on Throwing Dagger only and you should be just fine. The reward for this quest is Mug.


  • Search the Flock for signs of the Jolly Merchants.
  • Speak with Jacke at the Rogues' Guild.


  • Jacke is determined to track down the remnants of the Jolly Merchants.
  • Putting himself in his marks' shoes, Jacke hazards a guess as to where the last of the Jolly Merchants will likely be hiding. Head out to the Flock in western La Noscea and search for signs of the remaining slavers.
  • After discovering a family of villagers tied up amongst the dodo nests, you are confronted by the final gang of slavers. One hectic and feather-filled battle later, the pirates are defeated and the Jolly Merchants no more. See to the well-being of the captive smallfolk.
  • As you are tending to the traumatized villagers, you are approached by a trio of Yellowjackets led by one Captain Milala. The Yellowjacket captain appears fanatically opposed to anything with the slightest connection to piracy, and challenges the Rogues' Guild to a contest to justify its very existence. Return to the guild and discuss this development with Jacke.
  • You return to the Dutiful Sisters to find Jacke still chafing over Captain Milala's presumptuous challenge. Bound by the code, however, the guildmaster fully intends to reclaim the stolen treasures even if it means dancing to the Yellowjacket's tune. Master the Mug ability and continue sharpening your skills that you might ensure victory for the guild.
    • ※The next rogue quest will be available from Jacke upon reaching level 20.