Star-crossed Rivals

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Star-crossed Rivals

Pugilist quest image.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9.7, Y:10.3)
Experience 8,160
Gil 0
Previous quest
Keeping the Spirit Alive
Next quest
Return of the Holyfist

Hamon appears to be in higher spirits.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Hamon appears to be in higher spirits.
  • In his eagerness to regain his former strength, Hamon has overtrained and injured himself. Once again, he bids you seek out Chuchuto for your next lesson.
  • Chuchuto has a challenge in mind that you should find stimulating. Make ready for your lesson, and rendezvous with her at Little Ala Mhigo in southern Thanalan.
  • It turns out your training is to help prepare for Master Hamon's training. Take the striking dummies Chuchuto has entrusted to you, and deploy them at the specified locations.
  • You have deployed all the striking dummies. Report back to Chuchuto.
  • Upon returning to Little Ala Mhigo, you are suddenly assailed by Rurukuta and his minions. With Chuchuto's aid, you succeed in subduing him, and finally learn his true agenda. Rurukuta only wants his master to live, even if it means swallowing his pride and running from the impending fight. Satisfied that Hamon is in good hands, Rurukuta takes his leave. Return to the Pugilists' Guild and report all that transpired to your guildmaster.
  • While appreciative of Rurukuta's sentiments, Hamon is more determined than ever to confront Weggfarr. He bids you keep up your training, lest you be left behind in his dusty wake.
    • ※The next pugilist quest will be available from Hamon upon reaching level 30.