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Send Me an Angel

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Send Me an Angel

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Quest giver
Kugane (X:11.1, Y:8.2)
Required items
1 Hagoromo materials icon1.png  Hagoromo Materials
1 Tennyo hagoromo icon1.png  Tennyo Hagoromo HQ icon.png
Experience 2,889,000
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestA Geiko for All Seasons

The flighty behavior of his precious butterfly weighs heavy on Keimei's heart.

— In-game description




This is the final class quest. In Shadowbringers, Crystarium Deliveries replace class quests for Disciples of the Hand and Land.



  • The flighty behavior of his precious butterfly weighs heavy on Keimei's heart.
  • With no small degree of pride, Master Keimei informs you that Kotocho has risen from the ashes and reclaimed her former position of geiko, having completed her second apprenticeship in record time. Furthermore, in recognition of her efforts, she has received an invitation to perform at the annual Kugane-odori, known as the event where stars of the flower district are made. Not all is well, however─as Keimei tells it, his butterfly is acting curiously despondent despite the joyous news, going so far as to refuse his offer to commission a new dress for her to commemorate the occasion. At the young master's behest, you make for the flower district in hopes of finding out what troubles the girl and easing her heart as best you can.
  • A brief heart-to-heart with Kotocho sheds light upon the nature of her plight. The girl tearfully describes how her sole source of comfort as she toiled and struggled was her dream that she would once again stand on the same stage as Kototsuru, and finally prove her worth to her mentor and role model. Though the butterfly has risen back through the ranks, Kototsuru's impending marriage and retirement from the flower district means this dream will not come to be. Unable to summon the passion she once had, Kototsuru asks to be left alone with her thoughts. At a loss, you acquiesce to the girl's request and head back to share what you have learned with Master Keimei.
  • You share what you have learned with Keimei, who is quickly spurred to action. As Kotocho's patron, he reaffirms his vow to support the girl in this, her time of greatest need. To that end, he would take it upon himself to convince Kototsuru to put off her planned retirement until after she has taken part in one final performance. You make for the artisans' quarter, determined to assist in whatever what you can.
  • The heartfelt pleas of Master Keimei and yourself do not fall on deaf ears, and Kototsuru agrees to your request. She does, however, set one absolute condition: the two geiko must perform the same number─an ancient Doman dance known as the tennyo-no-mai, or descent of the angel─while wearing identical dresses, which you are to fashion. Believing this the only way to raise Kotocho's spirits, the two of you thank Kototsuru for her kindness before returning to Daitenya to prepare the ancient garment─the tennyo hagoromo─needed for the occasion.
  • Upon your return to Daitenya, Keimei tells Kotocho the news, renewing her vigor and encouraging her to resume training. He further explains that he has prepared the finest silks at his disposal for what will doubtless prove to be your most significant and challenging work to date. When you are ready to brandish your needle, you need only speak with the stall attendant and claim the fabrics you desire.
  • As he hands over the squares of pristine, angelic silks, the attendant muses on how the choice of dance is truly fitting for Kototsuru's final performance, given her deep respect for cultural tradition, and a worthy challenge for the young Kotocho as well. It would seem all are eager to see past, present, and future come together on the stage at the Kugane-odori. You take your needle in hand, vowing to create twin masterpieces worthy of the grand occasion.
  • After presenting your work to Master Keimei, you make your way to the festivities just as Kototsuru and Kotocho are about to take the stage. Together with the young master, you look on in wonder as the two geiko twirl and sway in perfect harmony, as if their two physical bodies shared a single soul. You wake from this otherworldly dream to welcome the two, who thank you profusely for crafting the garments so sublime it was as if they were truly transformed into heavenly beings. They share a moment of tenderness as Kotocho thanks her mentor for all that she has done, and Kototsuru entrusts the future of the flower district to her erstwhile apprentice. You and Keimei look on warmly as the two geiko reaffirm a bond that will surely last for the rest of their lives, even as their paths diverge.
  • Your work done, you pay one final visit to Daitenya, where Master Keimei expresses his deep appreciation for all that you have done on his and Kotocho's behalf. He expresses his confidence that the flower district is in good hands with his butterfly, and wishes you a safe journey back to Eorzea, where he hopes that Hingan fashions might one day make an impression the way your craftsmanship has found an audience in his homeland.