Secrets and Lies

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Secrets and Lies

Quest giver
Central Thanalan (X:22, Y:17)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Required items
1 Letter to Owyne Icon.png  Letter to Owyne
Experience 5,520
Gil 220
Previous quest
Oh Captain, My Captain
Next quest
Duty, Honor, Country

Fufulupa would entrust you with a matter of grave import..

— In-game description



  • Fufulupa reveals that he has found a sealed letter addressed to Sultansworn Owyne among his disgraced predecessor's belongings. Uncertain of what to make of his discovery, he bids you deliver the letter to Momodi of the Quicksand, a steadfast supporter of the royal family.
  • Momodi does not hesitate to brush aside your concerns, assuring you that Owyne would never betray the sultana. However, she has her own suspicions regarding the letter...


Fufulupa: I salute you, honored friend. As acting captain, I should be much obliged if you would grant me a personal request.

Fufulupa: In our efforts to ascertain the full extent of the former captain's corruption, we have been poring over his personal correspondence.

Fufulupa: Our search unearthed this sealed letter addressed to a man named Owyne.

Fufulupa: But he is one of the Sultansworn elite! I can think of no reason why he should have any dealings with Baldewyn!

Fufulupa: We now know that the former captain was consorting with a coalition of criminals... Could it be that Owyne was, too!?

Fufulupa: This letter may well serve as evidence of their collusion, and so I dare not tamper with it myself.

Fufulupa: But given the events of recent days, I knew not whom to trust with this information─until now.

Fufulupa: I have chosen you, [Forename]. Pray bear the letter to Mistress Momodi of the Quicksand, and relate the circumstances of its discovery.

Fufulupa: Not only is she a staunch supporter of the sultana, but she is well acquainted with the Sultansworn. She will know how best to proceed.