Qina Lyehga

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Qina Lyehga
Type Guildleve NPCs
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te - Keepers of the Moon

Qina Lyehga is a Female Miqo'te Guildleve NPCs introduced in patch 2.0.

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
East Shroud (x17,y27) Leves of Hawthorne


Battlecraft Leves

Stew for Two, The Transporter, Something in the Mead, Ochus Bite, Leaves Bleed, Can't Say No to Gnat, Monkey Business, A Guest for Supper

Tradecraft Leves

Carpenter Leves

What You Need, Nothing to Hide, Bowing to Necessity

Leatherworker Leves

On Their Feet Again, Back in the Band, A Rush on Ringbands

Fieldcraft Leves

Botanist Leves

The Quick and the Dead, Never Strikes Twice, Maple Stories, Briar in the Hole

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