Princely Hatchling

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Princely Hatchling
Princely hatchling1.jpg
Lord of Verminion Information
Type Critter
Auto Attack Single Target
HP 365
ATK 30
DEF 45
Cost 10
Strengths Gate Shield
Special Action Choco Coronation - Reduces DEF of all enemies within range by 50%. Duration: 15s
Action Type Enfeebling
Points 20
Princely Hatchling is a minion obtained after receiving 50 Player Commendations.
  • To receive your minion, talk to Jonathas in Old Gridania (x10,y6) after you have received 50 Player Commendations.


The chocobo who would be king.

A thoroughbred descended from the legendary Vellantif, this noble bird of Ishguard seeks a rider who will not sully his family's name.


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