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Preserving the Future

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Preserving the Future

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Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12, Y:13)
Experience 11,700-13,455
Gil 827
Previous quest
Side QuestRemembering the Past

Nananji desires more information for Louisoix's biography.

— In-game description







  • Nananji desires more information for Louisoix's biography.
  • At the Drowning Wench, Nananji expresses his desire to know what motivated Louisoix to go so far as to sacrifice himself for a land not his own. If he had people near him in his final moments, the writer muses, they may be able to provide some insights─and by a fortuitous turn, Baderon, who chances to overhear your conversation, happens to know an individual who served among the Archon's guard at Carteneau. Known by the name of Orn Guincum, this former officer of the Maelstrom has since turned to adventuring, and there is a possibility he is presently at the Moraby Drydocks. Upon learning of this, Nananji immediately sets off, eager not to miss the opportunity to speak with the man.
    • ※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level.
  • Upon arriving at the Drydocks, Nananji proposes splitting up to make inquiries after Orn. Hopefully, someone in the area can lead you to him.
  • Piecing together the information from the locals, you believe you know where Orn may be found. Armed with the knowledge, you go to rejoin Nananji.
  • You share with Nananji your finding that Orn may have bought a Nymeia lily, and thence took himself to the mark of the Spinner nearby. Wasting no time, the two of you hurry to the area.
  • At the end of your search, you and Nananji come face-to-face with Orn Guincum. Recognizing you as the hero of Operation Archon, the man agrees to tell you his tale, and in grim tones recounts Louisoix's final moments. Even when Bahamut had broken free and all hells loose, he and his fellow guards were determined to stay at the Archon's side to the bitter end. Their charge, however, had beseeched them not to sacrifice themselves here, but to live and bear the light for others to follow. “Every soul who lives to determine their own fate is a source of hope”─with these words ringing in his mind, Nananji is reaffirmed in his belief that Louisoix was not an all-powerful savior one reads about in tales, but merely an ordinary man. Yet that man never forsook Eorzea, and stood for this realm to the last that all might know a brighter future. In this way, the budding writer has found not only an angle for Louisoix's biography, but newfound determination to tell the great man's tale.
  • In response to Nananji's thanks, Orn offers thanks of his own for being afforded the chance to share Louisoix's words. The erstwhile lieutenant then takes his leave and wishes you well on your travels. Having seen the man off, Nananji suggests returning to Ul'dah, where he would present you with your reward.
  • Speaking in front of the Hall of Flames, Nananji expresses his gratitude at being able to hear the accounts of those who lived the Calamity. He also declares that he has attained a measure of closure, having realized through his inquiries that Louisoix had fought with his all as simply another defender of the realm. Though much work remains to be done, Nananji promises that he will not rest until the biography goes to print, and you look forward to the day every man, woman, and child may know the tale of the great Archon.


Accepting the Quest (Cutscene)

Nananji: You'll continue accompanying me, then? Wonderful! Come, let's head to the Drowning Wench to discuss our next move.
Nananji: Our research proceeds apace so far. We've even learned things not found in literature.
Nananji: But tell me─based on what you've heard from our interviewees, what is your opinion of Louisoix?
<What will you say?>
< He's an exceptional leader.>
< He had a difficult task.>
< Others deserve more credit.>
< He's an exceptional leader.>
Nananji: I agree, he possessed great leadership. If not, he couldn't have established the framework to realize his plans, no matter how brilliant they may have been.
< He had a difficult task.>
Nananji: Indeed. From an imperial invasion to rampaging primals to Nael van Darnus's scheme, he had to contend with the toughest of problems.
< Others deserve more credit.>
Nananji: Perhaps. Without the Warriors of Light, his plans may have come to naught. But without Louisoix himself, there wouldn't have been any plan at all.
Nananji: What struck me was how grateful the interviewees were to Louisoix for bringing their nations together in cooperation. It was nothing short of necessary for our survival.
Nananji: Yet in knowing this, I can't help but wonder. In his capacity as a tactician, it seems to me he had done more than enough by devising a plan and facilitating its execution.
Nananji: He went far beyond that, risking life and limb on the front lines for a land not his own. Perhaps he needed to be there for the ritual. Perhaps he felt a sense of duty...
Nananji: Even so, as noble as it is to desire to help others, what good is it if you end up sacrificing yourself?
Nananji: What was it that compelled Louisoix to go to Carteneau, and what went through his mind as the battle unfolded? In order to do his biography justice, I feel I need to know these things.
Nananji: If Louisoix had people near him at the time, perhaps he shared words with them in his final moments─words that could provide some insights. But where to begin searching for such individuals, assuming they exist...?
Baderon: Sorry, friends, but I couldn't 'elp but overhear yer conversation. Jus' so 'appens I know a bloke as served among Louisoix's guard at Carteneau.
Nananji: Truly!? You know someone who was with him!?
Baderon: Aye, an' far as I'm aware, 'e wasn't keepin' the fact a secret. Jus' fer good measure, though─why do ye wants to speak with him?
Baderon: Louisoix's biography, eh? In that case, I reckon the bloke would be willin' to cooperate.
Baderon: Orn Guincum's 'is name, an' 'e was a lieutenant o' the Maelstrom. After the Calamity, 'e turned to adventurin' so as to be o' greater 'elp to the commonfolk.
Nananji: A Maelstrom officer-turned-adventurer... We'd be most keen to speak with him! Where might he be found?
Baderon: When Orn dropped in the other day, 'e said that 'e had business at the Moraby Drydocks. If yer lucky, might be as 'e's still there.
Nananji: Understood! We're in your debt!
Nananji: We can't let this chance pass us by, [Forename]. Let's take ourselves to the Drydocks at once!

Speaking with Nananji at the Moraby Drydocks

Nananji: Right, where could Orn be? In hindsight, we should have asked what he looks like. His name would suggest he's a Midlander, but hmmm...
Nananji: Well, nothing for it but to make inquiries. Let's split up for the task and meet again here.

Gathering Information at the Moraby Drydocks

Shopkeep: I'm sorry, but I've only just started helping out here. I'm still learning our customers' names.
Shopkeep: I couldn't say if it's the person you're after, but a man did come by earlier who appeared to be an adventurer. He bought a Nymeia lily that we're currently trialing.
Nananji: I thought I had gotten better at making inquiries, but it's not so easy if they aren't already inclined to speak... How do you do it, day in and day out?
Roegadyn Porter: Orn? As it happens, I spoke with him just earlier.
Roegadyn Porter: He said that he wanted to buy flowers, so I directed him to a vendor. Not sure where he is as of now, though.
Roegadyn Porter: Ever since the Calamity, Orn's been helping people across the realm rebuild. It's a fine thing and all, but with his skills, I reckon he could do far better than menial labor.
Veteran Shipwright: Lookin' for an Orn Guincum, you say? Don't know anyone by that name, I'm afraid.
Veteran Shipwright: I did walk by an unfamiliar fellow just now, though, over by the mark of the Spinner. He had a flower in his hand, so he caught my eye.
System: You have an inkling as to where Orn might be. Time to rejoin Nananji.

Speaking with Nananji

Nananji: There you are, [Forename]. Were you able to learn anything?
Nananji: So a man who could be Orn bought a Nymeia lily, then went to the mark of the Spinner...
Nananji: If we hurry there, we might be able to find him. Let's go.

Surveying the designated location (Cutscene)

Nananji: If he was only just seen, he should still be nearby...
Nananji: Begging your pardons, sir, but are you Lieutenant Orn Guincum?
Orn Guincom: I haven't been a lieutenant for years, but aye, that's me.
Orn Guincom: What can I do for you?
Nananji: I realize this is sudden, but...
Orn Guincom: So you're writing Louisoix's biography, and want to hear my account as someone who was near on hand at Carteneau...
Orn Guincom: There must be a reason that you're here too─the Warrior of Light who led us to victory in Operation Archon. Very well, I will tell you my tale.
Orn Guincom: Now then, where to begin...
Orn Guincom: As you know, the battle was fought over the land where Dalamud was expected to fall. In the beginning, neither side was able to gain the upper hand. But when the imperials deployed their magitek armor, our ranks were thrown into disarray.
Orn Guincom: Those charged with protecting Louisoix like me could only watch the carnage from afar. And though our forces managed to hold out thanks to the adventurer contingent, we sustained grievous casualties.
Orn Guincom: But the real tragedy was what followed. As Dalamud hurtled towards us, it began shedding fragments of itself before finally bursting open to unleash the primal Bahamut.
Orn Guincom: As all below looked on in shock, the battle completely forgotten, Bahamut took wing and spewed fire all over the land. Men and magitek armor alike were set ablaze and sent flying like so many insects.
Orn Guincom: I only realized that I had stopped breathing when a commanding voice broke my trance. “You've done enough,” Louisoix told us. “Now fly! Fly and save yourselves!”
Orn Guincom: But like my fellow guards, I wanted to remain. I couldn't charge into battle beside my comrades; at the very least, I would do my duty here and protect Louisoix to the last.
Orn Guincom: But upon seeing us standing there, not making to move, Louisoix smiled and spoke thus: “If you would give your lives to protect something, then protect my hopes.”
Orn Guincom: “Every soul who lives to determine their own fate is a source of hope, bright and brilliant. So live, I bid you, and be among those who bear the light for others to follow.”
Orn Guincom: Those words awakened us to a greater purpose. If there was hope in my living, then I would live as Louisoix bid. No matter what, I would survive. And so, together with my fellows, I began making my retreat.
Orn Guincom: Alas, we hadn't gotten far when an explosion erupted and sent us sprawling.
Orn Guincom: I struggled to my feet just in time to see the enormous, menacing silhouette of Bahamut looming over Louisoix. In the next instant, he was enveloped in light...and that was the last I remember of him.
Nananji: Louisoix's final moment...
Orn Guincom: Amidst that light, he looked to be smiling. What he was thinking in that moment, I couldn't say, but one thing is certain: we all of us are alive thanks to him.
Nananji: Hmmm... Following the Calamity, it was reported that Louisoix had defeated Bahamut and set about the land's miraculous regeneration. Do you believe this is the truth?
Nananji: “Every soul who lives to determine their own fate is a source of hope”...
Nananji: What we've learned has reaffirmed my belief, [Forename]. The belief that Louisoix was not an all-powerful savior one reads about in tales, but merely an ordinary man.
Nananji: But that man never forsook Eorzea. No, he stood for this realm to the last─he and countless other brave souls─and saved it from becoming a scorched waste.
Nananji: Against unimaginable adversity he fought, and at the cost of his life, paved the way to a brighter future for us all.
Nananji: The least I can do in return is tell his story. Spread his message that, where there is life, there is hope.
Nananji: Thanks to your account, I believe I've found an angle for the biography. I'm truly grateful.
Orn Guincom: Would you care to offer a prayer as well? The prayer that the light of hope which Louisoix preserved shall ever burn bright.
Orn Guincom: The Calamity left deep scars across the realm; there was no place that did not want for help to rebuild.
Orn Guincom: After being saved by our Twin Adder allies, I decided to become an adventurer, the better to honor Louisoix's legacy and lend aid to those in need. During my travels, I often hear your tales, and I'm glad I could share my own with you.

Speaking with Nananji

Nananji: Allow me to thank you again for recounting your experiences to us.
Orn Guincom: Nay, 'tis I who owes you thanks for giving me the chance to share Louisoix's words.
Orn Guincom: All these years, I had avoided speaking of the moment of his passing out of respect, but it would not do to take the tale to my grave. Through the biography, it is my hope that his spirit will live on in all of us.
Orn Guincom: Now then, if you'll excuse me, I shall resume my pilgrimage to the marks. Wherever your travels take you, I shall be praying for your safety.
Nananji: Nymeia lilies, the symbol of safe passage... As Louisoix stood there in Carteneau, I wonder if he likewise prayed for someone's safety...
Nananji: At any rate, these interviews have yielded everything I had hoped for and more. Come, let's return to Ul'dah. I'll have your reward for you at Ul'dah at the Hall of Flames.

Speaking the Nanaji in Ul'dah

Nananji: There you are. I ended up troubling you longer than I had intended, but it was a truly fruitful series of interviews.
Nananji: How fortunate that we could hear from those who lived that fateful time. While I still have many questions, the biography is beginning to take shape in my mind.
Nananji: I also feel as though I've attained a measure of closure.
Nananji: Louisoix fought simply as one of us, and he made the ultimate sacrifice that hope might endure. This I've come to realize and appreciate thanks to everyone's heartfelt testimonies.
Nananji: Now then, last but not least, I'd like to ask you for your thoughts on something.
Nananji: According to Orn, Louisoix smiled in his final moment. As he was enveloped in light, what do you imagine he held in his mind?
< What will you say?>
< The image of mankind thriving in the future.>
< It's pointless to speculate on such things.>
< The light of hope that shines the way forward.>
Nananji: I see, I see... I appreciate your thoughts. As I pen the biography, I'll be certain to remember your words.
Nananji: Well, sad though it is, it's time for us to part ways. I'll set to work on a draft, and I won't rest until the biography goes to print. Thank you for all your help, my friend. I couldn't have come this far without you.


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