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Type Guildleve NPCs
Gender Male
Race Lalafell - [[]]

Poponagu is a Male Lalafell Guildleve NPCs introduced in patch 2.0.

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
Eastern Thanalan (x13,y24) Leves of Camp Drybone


Battlecraft Leves

The Law Won, The Missing Merchant, The Enterprise of Undeath, Going for Goat, Death with Indignity, Earthbound, A Simple Solution

Tradecraft Leves

Alchemist Leves

There's Something About Bury, Sanity Points, Devil Take the Foremost

Goldsmith Leves

Sharp Words, I Am a Rock, Bad Guys Eat Brass

Weaver Leves

Touch Me If You Can, Pants Are Not Enough, A Drag of a Doublet

Fieldcraft Leves

Miner Leves

The Doom That Came to Belah'dia, Eiderdown for Eidolons, Earth Sprites Are Easy, A Man's Gotta Dream

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