Poor Maid's Misfortune

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Poor Maid's Misfortune
Type Kill Boss
Location Upper La Noscea - Oakwood (x12,24)
Level 20
Duration 15m
Enemies Coeurl Pup
Description The Salthounds looking to restore Poor Maid's Mill cannot seem to catch a break, as now a pack of bloodthirsty coeurls have surrounded the ruins and have already dragged a few of a few of the injured boatswains off into the woods. Join hands with the former pirates as they attempt to defend their little piece of La Noscea.
Rewards  ??
Experience 4,060
Gil 40
Company Seals 115
Poor Maid's Misfortune is a level 20 Kill Boss FATE in Upper La Noscea - Oakwood (x12,24).

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