Poor Maid's Mess

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Poor Maid's Mess
Type Defend
Location Upper La Noscea - Oakwood (x11,y24)
Level 20
Duration 15m
Friendly NPC Salthound Boatswain, Rabid Ratata, Grain Hamper, Salthound Gunner
Enemies Dirty Rat
Description Most likely assuming that there would still be poor maids living there, former-pirates-turned-model-citizens have exchanged their cutlasses for brooms and hammers in an effort to restore Poor Maid's Mill to its former pre-Calamity glory. Aid the men and women in clearing the farmstead of rats who now infest the ruins.
Experience 4,060
Gil 40
Company Seals 115
Poor Maid's Mess is a level 20 Defend FATE in Upper La Noscea - Oakwood (x11,y24).

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