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Obey their Thirst

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Obey their Thirst

Starting NPC
Nat'leii Zundu
The Sea of Clouds (X:12.1, Y:12.0)
11,758 Experience
114 Gil
GC Seals
327 Company seal

The Zundu tribe discovered long ago that the hearts of water sprites are crystals which, when shattered, expel large amounts of clean, drinkable water─a resource quite scarce on their floating islets. The problem is removing the hearts from their owners who, annoyingly enough, require them to live.

— In-game description

Obey their Thirst is a level 57 FATE spawned in The Sea of Clouds.


Nat'leii Zundu: Kind netherling, with heart as warm as shining sun! Throats of the Zundu are parched, like dried grass after moons without rain...

Nat'leii Zundu: Zundu would fetch water, but thirst makes our limbs heavy as tree trunks. Kind netherling comes to poor Zundu's aid, yes?

> Yes

Nat'leii Zundu: Hunt sprites for their cores, or find those lying about. Bring them to us, and Zundu throats will feel the gentle caress of pure water.

Nat'leii Zundu: Netherling! Do you return with the watery succor Zundu seek?

You hand over the spring cores to the Nat'leii Zundu.

Nat'leii Zundu: Ahhh... I can feel the pure waters trickling down my throat like a gentle brook!

Nat'leii Zundu: Yes, yes, this will do. But Zundu can never have enough water. Any more netherling brings will be welcome.

You bring extra spring cores to the Nat'leii Zundu.

Nat'leii Zundu: Thank you, netherling. Your kindness tickles our hearts like a gentle rain.