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Nhaama, or the Dusk Mother, is one half of a pair of deities that the Au Ra tribes of the Azim Steppe believe gave birth to the world. Though each of the many tribes has their own slightly different version of the creation myth, the story generally goes as follows:

At the beginning of time, the Dawn Father Azim and the Dusk Mother Nhaama joined hands and came together, bringing the world and all life into existance. Though they loved their creation, they fell to feuding over who would command it. They entered into a never-ending war against one another, neither able to conquer the other. To fight in their stead, each created a race of beings - the males to represent the glory of the God of the Sun, and females shaped to triumph in the name of the Moon Goddess. And though they waged battles against each other, the seed of love was still able to bloom and grow on the field of battle. The children born of this union moved the hearts of Azim and Nhaama, so much so that they surrendered the plains of the Azim Steppe to them and departed, returning to their place in the heavens.

From this mythos, the belief that specific tribes and races are more closely tied to one of these deitiesthan the others, with the Dotharl Tribe being close descendants of Nhaama. A giant monument to the Moon Goddess was erected long ago, however it now lies half-buried at the edge of Nhaama's Retreat, worn down from centuries of exposure to blowing sand and the elements.