Never Say Daimyo

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Never Say Daimyo
Type Kill Boss
Location The Ruby Sea - Rasen Kaikyo (x17.5,y9.2)
Level 62
Duration 30m
Enemies Daimyo Yumemi, Ashigaru Yumemi
Description Yumemi never stop growing, adding to their bulk with every turn of the moon. Those few which have survived the longest are dubbed "daimyo," and must literally eat constantly to sustain life...much to the chagrin of fishers who are left with empty seas in the yumemi's wake.
Rewards Liquid Flame Orchestrion Roll, Shucked, Not Stirred
Experience 206,550
Gil 124
Company Seals 356
Never Say Daimyo is a level 62 Kill Boss FATE in The Ruby Sea - Rasen Kaikyo (x17.5,y9.2).

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