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More Precious than Gil

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More Precious than Gil

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Quest giver
Thavnair (X:30, Y:16)
Quest line
Tataru's Grand Endeavor Quests
Experience 0
Gil 1,260
Previous quest
Side QuestTreasured Bonds

Hasdahd is deep in thought.

— In-game description





  • Hasdahd is deep in thought.
  • Hasdahd mulls over the elder's words, desperate to do more for his village now that he is home. He hopes to come up with an answer by catching up with those he hasn't seen since fire rained from the skies.
  • Your companions are all too happy to have you accompany them on their tour of the village. As the hero who saved Palaka's Stand during the Final Days, you will no doubt have ample opportunity to ask questions of the villagers. Mehdjina adds that there are “others” with whom she wishes to speak as well, and as understanding passes between them, you glimpse a raw pain in Hasdahd's eyes.

※You must be accompanied by Hasdahd and Mehdjina to complete this task. Speak with either one of them should you become separated.

  • Your tour of the village draws to a close, and Mehdjina and Hasdahd exchange a glance. It is time to make another journey, they tell you─one into the jungle and to the temple of Purusa.

※You must be accompanied by Hasdahd and Mehdjina to complete this task. Speak with either one of them should you become separated.

  • The jungle is never silent, but a stillness descends as Mehdjina and Hasdahd offer prayers to their parents who perished during the Final Days. You observe from a distance, your presence alone ensuring no beasts approach the pair.
  • Having fulfilled this personal obligation, Mehdjina and Hasdahd are now ready to address the village's situation, and your words of guidance are all they need to piece together an idea to secure the future prosperity of both Palaka's Stand and Tataru Taru's Boutique.
  • Elder Yeruvvet is impressed with Mehdjina and Hasdahd's idea to sell handcrafted goods through the boutique. He wishes the pair well on their journey back to Sharlayan, and the two leave with hearts far lighter than when they arrived.
  • You return to happy tidings: Tataru's necklace has been successfully restored by the selfsame lapidary to whom Tataru was once apprenticed. The finished piece is even more stunning than anyone anticipated─and for the final touch, Varsarudh insists that you engrave the symbol of Nald'thal into the backing of the sapphire. After you oblige her to the best of your ability, the four of you scurry off to Scholar's Harbor to await Tataru's imminent return.
  • After briefing Tataru on events in Palaka's Stand, Mehdjina pitches her idea for Hannish handicrafts, which the entrepreneur takes to straightaway. The subsequent confirmation that her employees intend to remain with the boutique for the foreseeable future gives Tataru cause to relax. However, the air still tingles with anticipation...
  • Tataru jovially accepts the surprise gift handed to her─and then, as her gaze falls upon the tear-shaped sapphire, her eyes grow wide in recognition. As she listens to the tale of the necklace's restoration, the weight of what she now holds becomes clear: a fragment of what she thought lost framed by all she has gained. A celebration of the connections she has forged with people throughout the world, and the beauty they have brought into countless lives.
  • Tataru's bespoke chocobo barding has reassuring heft and will doubtless fit your constant companion like a glove. As you part ways with Tataru Taru's Boutique, you are sure it will continue to enjoy remarkable success for its peerless wares. As for what other grand endeavors the ambitious young woman may embark on in the future─only time will tell.