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Treasured Bonds

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Treasured Bonds

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Quest giver
Old Sharlayan (X:12, Y:10)
Quest line
Tataru's Grand Endeavor Quests
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestGrowing Light
Experience 0
Gil 1,260
Previous quest
Side QuestSoaring Profits
Side QuestAn Auspicious Opportunity
Side QuestForever in Our Hearts
Next quest
Side QuestMore Precious than Gil

Mehdjina seems eager to share something with you.

— In-game description



  • Mehdjina seems eager to share something with you.
  • Thanks to your many deliveries, business at Tataru Taru's Boutique has never been better. Corroborating Mehdjina's latest report is fellow employee Hasdahd─although he worries that such success cannot last. Similar concerns have driven Mehdjina to propose a potential new product: a uniform for Sharlayan researchers and academics. Yet while she believes this offering would yield continued returns for the boutique, Tataru Taru remains unconvinced. Nevertheless, Mehdjina has been directed to research the idea further, and it is to this end that you and Hasdahd are to accompany her to the Studium.
  • Qih Aliapoh arranges meetings with a number of academics whose diverse demands and perspectives quickly demonstrate the infeasibility of a single uniform to satisfy all requirements. Though Mehdjina endeavors to put on a brave face, her disappointment is plain, and so Hasdahd offers some words to console her─words that ring familiar, for they are an excerpt of teachings imparted to the people of Thavnair by the divinities of eld. In explaining its origins to you, both Mehdjina and Hasdahd are struck by how distant they've grown from their traditions. Perhaps they should do more for their village than send money home to help the others rebuild.
  • Perhaps, Hasdahd wonders aloud, they should consider returning to Palaka's Stand...
  • Back at the boutique, Tataru arrives to find a counter crowded with her Hannish employees. After Mehdjina informs her of the results of her market research, Hasdahd interjects and voices his misgivings about remaining in Sharlayan. Tataru thanks him for his honesty and, after asking Mehdjina and Varsarudh about their own feelings, announces that you will deliver the boutique's next batch of samples to Palaka's Stand─with an escort of all who wish to visit. While Hasdahd eagerly follows Tataru to help with preparations, Varsarudh speaks to you in confidence. Tataru's necklace, she says, is ready for its final refurbishments.
  • Standing in Scholar's Harbor, Hasdahd recalls the kindness Tataru showed them when they first arrived in Sharlayan. Somehow, the memory feels painful in light of the circumstances, and Mehdjina quietly suggests you move along so as not to miss your airship.
  • Mehdjina and Hasdahd's relief is tangible upon arriving in Radz–at–Han, the sounds and smells of their native land ameliorating their homesickness. Mehdjina tells you that she and Hasdahd will spend a moment enjoying the city but will meet you in Palaka's Stand soon.
  • Elder Yeruvvet is delighted to see Mehdjina and Hasdahd safe and is only too eager to reassure them of their continued connection to their village, no matter where they may live. The world as they knew it is gone; all they can hope to do is adapt as times change. Indeed, after the devastation of the Final Days and exodus of Hannish from their homeland, Palaka's Stand must discover new ways to preserve their traditions and their faith. Hearing in the elder's musings a problem to be solved, Hasdahd and Mehdjina are motivated to discover ways to aid their beloved village─but not before catching up with their neighbors.