Merchant and Mender (Fallgourd Float)

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Merchant & Mender

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Merchant & Mender
Female ♀
Hyur (Midlander)
North Shroud (21.6,25.8)

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
North Shroud (x21.6,y25.8)

Items For Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Icon Price
Elm Macuahuitl Elm macuahuitl icon1.png 2,284
Steel Broadsword Steel broadsword icon1.png 1,737
Spiked Steel Labrys Spiked steel labrys icon1.png 4,049
Thunderstorm Axe Thunderstorm axe icon1.png 2,271
Steel Halberd Steel halberd icon1.png 4,338
Silver Battle Fork Silver battle fork icon1.png 2,977
Steel Claws Steel claws icon1.png 3,586
Toadskin Cesti Toadskin cesti icon1.png 2,274
Steel Knives Steel knives icon1.png 2,691
Steel Daggers Steel daggers icon1.png 1,737
Ash Composite Bow Ash composite bow icon1.png 3,738
Wrapped Elm Longbow Wrapped elm longbow icon1.png 2,095
Silver Scepter Silver scepter icon1.png 2,440
Ice Brand Ice brand icon1.png 1,778
Toothed Staghorn Staff Toothed staghorn staff icon1.png 2,688
Engraved Goatskin Grimoire Engraved goatskin grimoire icon1.png 3,908
Yew Wand Yew wand icon1.png 2,487
Whispering Ash Wand Whispering ash wand icon1.png 1,778
Walnut Cane Walnut cane icon1.png 3,586
Yew Crook Yew crook icon1.png 2,271
Goatskin Targe Goatskin targe icon1.png 2,336
Iron Kite Shield Iron kite shield icon1.png 3,486

Purchase Tools

Item Icon Price
Iron Chocobotail Saw Iron chocobotail saw icon1.png 2,544
Heavy Crowsbeak Hammer Heavy crowsbeak hammer icon1.png 2,718
Initiate's File Initiates file icon1.png 1,355
Wrapped Iron Raising Hammer Wrapped iron raising hammer icon1.png 2,776
Initiate's Pliers Initiates pliers icon1.png 1,319
Steel Chaser Hammer Steel chaser hammer icon1.png 2,718
Iron Head Knife Iron head knife icon1.png 2,388
Silver Needle Silver needle icon1.png 1,713
Conical Alembic Conical alembic icon1.png 2,232
Bomb Frypan Bomb frypan icon1.png 2,284
Steel Pickaxe Steel pickaxe icon1.png 2,718
Plumed Iron Hatchet Plumed iron hatchet icon1.png 2,388
Yew Fishing Rod Yew fishing rod icon1.png 1,795

Purchase Items

Item Icon Price
Potion Potion icon1.png 28
Ether Ether icon1.png 60
Antidote Antidote icon1.png 39
Eye Drops Eye drops icon1.png 19
Grade 2 Dark Matter Grade 2 dark matter icon1.png 12
Grade 3 Dark Matter Grade 3 dark matter icon1.png 24
Syrphid Basket Syrphid basket icon1.png 7
Chocobo Fly Chocobo fly icon1.png 324
Bass Ball Bass ball icon1.png 6


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