Merchant and Mender (Candlekeep Quay)

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Merchant and Mender

Merchant and Mender Candlekeep Quays.PNG

Female ♀
Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)
Lower La Noscea (21.4,38.7)

— In-game description

Merchant and Mender is a Miqo'te found in Lower La Noscea.

Items for Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Cloud axe icon1.png   Cloud Axe Greataxe ABasic 10
Gil 446
Spiked bronze labrys icon1.png   Spiked Bronze Labrys Greataxe ABasic 13
Gil 773
Iron war axe icon1.png   Iron War Axe Greataxe ABasic 15
Gil 744
Bronze baselards icon1.png   Bronze Baselards Daggers ABasic 10
Gil 302
Brass daggers icon1.png   Brass Daggers Daggers ABasic 13
Gil 416
Brass knives icon1.png   Brass Knives Daggers ABasic 15
Gil 504
Engraved leather grimoire icon1.png   Engraved Leather Grimoire Book ABasic 10
Gil 439
Ash picatrix icon1.png   Ash Picatrix Book ABasic 13
Gil 634
Hard leather grimoire icon1.png   Hard Leather Grimoire Book ABasic 15
Gil 732

Purchase Tools

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Amateurs cross-pein hammer icon1.png   Amateur's Cross-pein Hammer Cross-pein Hammer ABasic 11
Gil 376
Birdsbeak hammer icon1.png   Birdsbeak Hammer Cross-pein Hammer ABasic 14
Gil 511
Bronze file icon1.png   Bronze File File ABasic 11
Gil 296
Bronze doming hammer icon1.png   Bronze Doming Hammer Doming Hammer ABasic 8
Gil 268
Amateurs doming hammer icon1.png   Amateur's Doming Hammer Doming Hammer ABasic 11
Gil 384
Bronze pliers icon1.png   Bronze Pliers Pliers ABasic 11
Gil 288
Amateurs skillet icon1.png   Amateur's Skillet Frypan ABasic 12
Gil 394
Iron skillet icon1.png   Iron Skillet Frypan ABasic 15
Gil 528
Amateurs fishing rod icon1.png   Amateur's Fishing Rod Fishing Rod ABasic 12
Gil 439

Purchase Battle Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Bronze sallet icon1.png   Bronze Sallet Head ABasic 10
Gil 283
Amateurs hempen coif icon1.png   Amateur's Hempen Coif Head ABasic 10
Gil 226
Bronze barbut icon1.png   Bronze Barbut Head ABasic 12
Gil 423
Cotton turban icon1.png   Cotton Turban Head ABasic 12
Gil 282
Brass spectacles icon1.png   Brass Spectacles Head ABasic 13
Gil 355
Leather jacket icon1.png   Leather Jacket Body ABasic 10
Gil 351
Amateurs dalmatica icon1.png   Amateur's Dalmatica Body ABasic 10
Gil 280
Hard leather harness icon1.png   Hard Leather Harness Body ABasic 12
Gil 436
Hempen robe icon1.png   Hempen Robe Body ABasic 12
Gil 349
Cotton shirt icon1.png   Cotton Shirt Body ABasic 14
Gil 424
Hempen bracers icon1.png   Hempen Bracers Hands ABasic 11
Gil 280
Hempen dress gloves icon1.png   Hempen Dress Gloves Hands ABasic 11
Gil 224
Bronze mitt gauntlets icon1.png   Bronze Mitt Gauntlets Hands ABasic 12
Gil 376
Hard leather armguards icon1.png   Hard Leather Armguards Hands ABasic 13
Gil 347
Hard leather lightmitts icon1.png   Hard Leather Lightmitts Hands ABasic 14
Gil 380
Hempen trousers icon1.png   Hempen Trousers Legs ABasic 10
Gil 270
Amateurs breeches icon1.png   Amateur's Breeches Legs ABasic 10
Gil 216
Hard leather subligar icon1.png   Hard Leather Subligar Legs ABasic 12
Gil 336
Striped cotton slops icon1.png   Striped Cotton Slops Legs ABasic 13
Gil 297
Cotton sarouel icon1.png   Cotton Sarouel Legs ABasic 14
Gil 326
Leather jackboots icon1.png   Leather Jackboots Feet ABasic 10
Gil 288
Amateurs duckbills icon1.png   Amateur's Duckbills Feet ABasic 10
Gil 230
Hard leather caligae icon1.png   Hard Leather Caligae Feet ABasic 12
Gil 430
Hard leather sandals icon1.png   Hard Leather Sandals Feet ABasic 12
Gil 286

Purchase Field Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Straw hat icon1.png   Straw Hat Head ABasic 10
Gil 226
Amateurs headgear icon1.png   Amateur's Headgear Head ABasic 10
Gil 283
Stablemaids hat icon1.png   Stablemaid's Hat Head ABasic 12
Gil 282
Stablehands hat icon1.png   Stablehand's Hat Head ABasic 13
Gil 312
Amateurs doublet vest icon1.png   Amateur's Doublet Vest Body ABasic 9
Gil 308
Amateurs kurta icon1.png   Amateur's Kurta Body ABasic 9
Gil 246
Hempen doublet vest of crafting icon1.png   Hempen Doublet Vest of Crafting Body ABasic 12
Gil 436
Hempen doublet vest of gathering icon1.png   Hempen Doublet Vest of Gathering Body ABasic 12
Gil 436
Amateurs smithing gloves icon1.png   Amateur's Smithing Gloves Hands ABasic 10
Gil 252
Hard leather wristguards icon1.png   Hard Leather Wristguards Hands ABasic 11
Gil 224
Cotton halfgloves icon1.png   Cotton Halfgloves Hands ABasic 15
Gil 336
Goatskin wristguards icon1.png   Goatskin Wristguards Hands ABasic 16
Gil 365
Amateurs slops icon1.png   Amateur's Slops Legs ABasic 10
Gil 216
Hempen bottoms icon1.png   Hempen Bottoms Legs ABasic 10
Gil 216
Cotton shepherds slops icon1.png   Cotton Shepherd's Slops Legs ABasic 15
Gil 360
Cotton chausses icon1.png   Cotton Chausses Legs ABasic 15
Gil 315
Amateurs thighboots icon1.png   Amateur's Thighboots Feet ABasic 10
Gil 288
Hard leather shoes icon1.png   Hard Leather Shoes Feet ABasic 11
Gil 256
Hard leather espadrilles icon1.png   Hard Leather Espadrilles Feet ABasic 15
Gil 384
Ash pattens icon1.png   Ash Pattens Feet ABasic 15
Gil 432

Purchase Items

Item Type Cost
Potion icon1.png   Potion Medicine Gil 28
Ether icon1.png   Ether Medicine Gil 60
Antidote icon1.png   Antidote Medicine Gil 39
Eye drops icon1.png   Eye Drops Medicine Gil 19
Grade 1 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 1 Dark Matter Other Gil 4
Grade 2 dark matter icon1.png   Grade 2 Dark Matter Other Gil 12
Goby ball icon1.png   Goby Ball Other Gil 3
Bloodworm icon1.png   Bloodworm Other Gil 3
Rat tail icon1.png   Rat Tail Other Gil 4
Saltwater boilie icon1.png   Saltwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Midge basket icon1.png   Midge Basket Other Gil 4
Freshwater boilie icon1.png   Freshwater Boilie Other Gil 15