Merchant and Mender (Camp Tranquil)

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Merchant & Mender

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Merchant & Mender
Male ♂
Hyur (Midlander)
South Shroud (17.1,28.8)

Locations and Quests

Location Coordinate Started Quests Involved in Quests
South Shroud (x17.1,y28.8)

Items For Sale

Purchase Weapons

Item Icon Price
Walnut Macuahuitl Walnut macuahuitl icon1.png 3,622
Steel Bhuj Steel bhuj icon1.png 5,927
Steel Bardiche Steel bardiche icon1.png 5,097
Heavy Steel Lance Heavy steel lance icon1.png 5,927
Steel Spear Steel spear icon1.png 5,097
Boarskin Himantes Boarskin himantes icon1.png 4,752
Crabshell Hora Crabshell hora icon1.png 4,399
Steel Baselards Steel baselards icon1.png 3,457
Oak Longbow Oak longbow icon1.png 5,616
Ash Cavalry Bow Ash cavalry bow icon1.png 5,368
Decorated Silver Scepter Decorated silver scepter icon1.png 3,684
Earth Brand Earth brand icon1.png 3,044
Toothed Goathorn Staff Toothed goathorn staff icon1.png 5,350
Goathorn Staff Goathorn staff icon1.png 4,602
Book of Silver Book of silver icon1.png 5,515
Budding Yew Wand Budding yew wand icon1.png 3,539
Oak Radical Oak radical icon1.png 5,616
Plumed Yew Crook Plumed yew crook icon1.png 4,622
Decorated Buckler Decorated buckler icon1.png 4,527
Bull Hoplon Bull hoplon icon1.png 5,310

Purchase Tools

Item Icon Price
Bas-relief Steel Saw Bas-relief steel saw icon1.png 3,469
Steel Claw Hammer Steel claw hammer icon1.png 2,690
Steel Cross-pein Hammer Steel cross-pein hammer icon1.png 3,504
Steel File Steel file icon1.png 2,900
Wrapped Iron Raising Hammer Wrapped iron raising hammer icon1.png 2,776
Steel Chaser Hammer Steel chaser hammer icon1.png 2,718
Silver Head Knife Silver head knife icon1.png 3,256
Steel Awl Steel awl icon1.png 2,548
Silver Needle Silver needle icon1.png 1,713
Walnut Spinning Wheel Walnut spinning wheel icon1.png 3,280
Steel Alembic Steel alembic icon1.png 3,044
Steel Mortar Steel mortar icon1.png 2,902
Steel Skillet Steel skillet icon1.png 3,115
Steel Culinary Knife Steel culinary knife icon1.png 2,690
Steel Dolabra Steel dolabra icon1.png 3,869
Wrapped Steel Sledgehammer Wrapped steel sledgehammer icon1.png 2,900
Steel Hatchet Steel hatchet icon1.png 3,256
Steel Scythe Steel scythe icon1.png 2,690
Staghorn Fishing Rod Staghorn fishing rod icon1.png 2,834

Purchase Items

Item Icon Price
Potion Potion icon1.png 28
Ether Ether icon1.png 60
Antidote Antidote icon1.png 39
Eye Drops Eye drops icon1.png 19
Grade 3 Dark Matter Grade 3 dark matter icon1.png 24
Grade 4 Dark Matter Grade 4 dark matter icon1.png 48
Honey Worm Honey worm icon1.png 8
Silver Spoon Lure Silver spoon lure icon1.png 384
Syrphid Basket Syrphid basket icon1.png 7


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