Making a Name

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Making a Name

Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.4, Y:11.3)
Experience 50
Gil 0
Previous quest
Coming to Limsa Lominsa
Next quest
Suspiciously Sober

Niniya, a veteran adventurer, has some information that might be of interest to you.

— In-game description




  • Speak with Skaenrael.
  • Gather the peculiar herbs.
  • Deliver the peculiar herbs to Ahldskyf.


  • Niniya, a veteran adventurer, has some information that might be of interest to you.
  • According to Niniya, a number of plants usually found only on black market shelves are scattered about the first floor of the Mizzenmast. Speak with Skaenrael to travel below.
  • You have arrived in Bulwark Hall, on the first floor of the Mizzenmast. Collect the peculiar herbs scattered across the ground.
  • You have gathered all the peculiar herbs. Take them to Ahldskyf at the Octant, and have him examine the plants.
  • The peculiar herbs have been revealed to be Althyk lavender, a plant well known by the inhabitants of Limsa Lominsa. Though it appears Niniya was having a laugh at your expense, you have nevertheless made the acquaintance of Ahldskyf, the captain of the Orion. Such an encounter may prove mutually beneficial...


Niniya: Well, would you look at this─a shiny, new adventurer. Listen close, [GENDER]/lass, I've some information that might just help put you on the map here in Limsa.

Niniya: I was passing through Bulwark Hall below not long ago, and saw a bunch of herbs just scattered about on the ground. Now, I'm not entirely certain, but I think they might've been the black market wares known as “dream flowers.”

Niniya: Limsa Lominsa is a busy port, and not all the merchants that blow in across the Strait are above board, if you know what I mean. How'd the plants end up in the Mizzenmast? Who knows─might've been a deal gone bad. The important thing is you make a name for yourself by handing them in.

Niniya: Speak to Skaenrael, and she'll get you down to the first floor. Then all you have to do is pick up the herbs, and take them to Ahldskyf at the Octant. Being a worldly captain, he knows a thing or two about such shady goods.

When you speak to Niniya again:

Niniya: The Drowning Wench will always be a favorite among pirates─she's cheap, she's loaded with grog, and she never says “no.”

Niniya: It's been a favored haunt of adventurers for nigh on twenty years, ever since a retired freelance and his comrades established the Adventurers' Guild here.

Skaenrael: You wish to visit Bulwark Hall below? The Crow's Lift is ready when you are.

You arrive in Bulwark Hall and begin collecting a trail of scattered herbs.

Ahldskyf: Yes, I am Ahldskyf. You have some herbs you wish me to examine?

You hand over the suspected herbs.

Ahldskyf: ...Yes. As you suspected, these are the highly illegal blooms known as dream flowers. They are the prime ingredient in the creation of “somnus”─a substance whose fragrance is said to lull the sniffer's mind into the sleep of death.

Ahldskyf: ...Forgive me, I could not resist the jest! These herbs are naught more than Althyk lavender, a common enough export from Limsa Lominsa. In fact, these probably spilled from crates that were loaded onto my very own ship.

Ahldskyf: I think someone has been having a bit of fun with you, miss. But not to worry! You've learned a few things, and made a new acquaintance. Well met!