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Longing So for All the Fish

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Longing So for All the Fish

Longing so for all the fish.png
Quest giver
Ultima Thule (X:27.5, Y:24.5)
Quest line
Omicron Main Quests
Required items
1 Star sea salt icon1.png  Star Sea Salt
1 Dragonseye beans icon1.png  Dragonseye Beans
1 Stellar herring icon1.png  Stellar Herring
Disciple of the Land
Friendly Reputation maxed
Experience 22,440,000
Gil 1,375
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Café at the End of the Universe
Next quest
Feature QuestAnd Another Question...

N-7000 is not emitting any strained whirring or beeping noises, so things must be going well at the Last Dregs.

※The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.

— In-game description







  • N-7000 is not emitting any strained whirring or beeping noises, so things must be going well at the Last Dregs.
    • ※The difficulty of this quest will be synced to your current level.
  • Upon checking in with Omicron unit N-7000, you learn that Stigma-4 has but recently replicated a new set of patrons for the Last Dregs. Though they are not like to enjoy three managers of varying shapes and sizes hovering over them while dining, you nevertheless agree to check on Patron-003 and Patron-004 together with N-7000 and Jammingway, hopeful these new customers find the café environment agreeable.
    • ※Please note that the difficulty of this quest has been synced to your current level. Furthermore, you may not proceed with a class or job that is different from when you accepted this quest.
  • When you arrive at the Last Dregs, you see that your new customers are Grebuloffs─the diminutive tribe whose last days you witnessed in the Dead Ends. Their memories of the grim occasion are apparently quite similar to yours, as you find one sobbing into their salad while the other sighs mournfully. It would appear that they long for a glorious yesteryear, though that is about as much as you can glean before they take off at a sprint, heedless of Jammingway's shouted offer of tea.
  • You make for the unmemoried portal only to find that the Grebuloffs have already departed Ostrakon Hena. N-7000 helpfully suggests inquiring with patrol units at Base Omicron who may have detected their passing.
  • N-7000 transmits recorded data of the Grebuloffs to nearby Omicron patrol units. They in turn provide useful data of their own, indicating that your rogue patrons ran through Base Omicron in the direction of the clouded portal, and have likely passed through it already.
  • You relay the information you collected to N-7000, who agrees with your conclusion. With little hope of catching up to the Grebuloffs without knowing where in Ostrakon Tria they have disappeared to, your party resolves to ask the Ea if they have seen any tiny creatures in diving suits sprint past their abode.
  • When you meet N-7000 and Jammingway in the abode of the Ea, they have already located an informative individual, who tells you that the Grebuloffs did indeed come this way. As they were apparently in search of water, the Ea directed them to the wellspring of regret, where they may yet remain.
  • Though you at last locate your Grebuloff customers at the wellspring, it seems they are not much happier for having reached a water source, as it pales in comparison to the ocean of their own star─which was, as both you and they recall, horrifically corrupted along with almost the entire Grebuloff population during their version of the apocalypse. In the hopes of evoking even slightly less depressing memories in these poor souls, Jammingway suggests that you prepare a dish using ingredients with the comforting fragrance of the sea. As you head off to procure just such a thing, they and N-7000 set about coaxing the Grebuloffs out of their breakdown and back to the Last Dregs.
  • Fortunately, both management and patrons make it back to the café intact, and no sooner do you provide N-7000 with sufficiently sea-smelling ingredients than do it and Jammingway prepare a cerulean soup for your beleaguered customers. The dish does its work in reminding them of happier times, and though they fervently wish that they had taken better care of their most precious natural resource, the memory of the many joys it brought their people cheers them significantly. This emotional about-face seems to trigger something in the dynamis of Elysion, for you immediately receive a transmission from Stigma-4 indicating that changes have been wrought upon the star.
  • You proceed to Elysion with your allies to find the Grebuloffs happily playing at a seaside identical to those once found in their homeland. Though N-7000 appears to be the Omicron version of “inspired” by your success in turning the creatures' soul-deep despair into this hopeful scene, it confesses that it yet harbors doubts about what meaning can be found in the life of a replicated being. Jammingway, however, confidently assures it that, though the Omicrons and your café patrons may have been created from the memories and emotions of the long dead, the ability of their feelings to affect dynamis proves that they matter just as much to the cosmos as anyone else─and should behave accordingly.



<whirr> This unit is pleased to inform you that culinary ingredient supply has stabilized, and relations with reconstructed Karellians are rated as “friendly.”
As conditions for proceeding with the next phase of operations are optimal, this unit has taken the liberty of ordering additional customers. Patron-003 and Patron-004 are being transported to the Last Dregs even as we exchange communication signals.

What sort of patrons has Stigma-4 reconstructed for us this time, I wonder? We may as well see for ourselves!

(Cutscene begins)

The café has a pleasant ambiance about it these days, wouldn't you say, [Forename]? The Karellians aren't even shouting at each other!
...But where are our new customers?

<whirr> Patrons were seated according to “table with a view” protocol and served in accordance with “salad” protocol, which have produced a satisfaction rate of 124% among customers to date.

Excellent work, unit! 'Tis always better to speak with customers after they've been fed...

These patrons are of the “Grebuloff” race, known for its metallurgy. Records indicate that this civilization originated amidst the shining blue seas of its home planet, later adapting to life on its landmasses. Thus, the Grebuloff diet includes both fish and plant matter.

Emotional Grebuloff: <sob> <sniffle>

Nostalgic Grebuloff: <sigh>

Jammingway: Oh dear! Is the salad not to your liking?

N-7000: The organic life-forms' preferences confound this unit's logic circuits. Please provide additional data.

Nostalgic Grebuloff: Oh, I hope you won't take this personally. It's a perfectly lovely salad, only...

Emotional Grebuloff: Waaaaaah! I miss home so much... <sniff>

Jammingway: I see... The salad brings back painful memories. Could we get you something else, perhaps?

Emotional Grebuloff: All our friends are dead... WAAAAAAH!

W-Wait! How about a cup of tea?
What are we going to do!? We made our customers cry. Cry!
We need to catch them before they can escape through the portal to another Ostrakon. If we can't cheer them up quickly, their woe will plunge this whole place into despair!

Speaking with N-7000

Audio input registers no whimpering in this vicinity. This unit can only conclude that Patron-003 and Patron-004 have utilized the portal to teleport to Base Omicron.

Curse their advanced technological comprehension born of generations of metalworking innovation!

Fear not, anxiety-prone life-form─the Base Omicron perimeter is perpetually monitored by patrol units. This unit will transmit recorded data of customer service interactions to aid in detection of rogue patrons.

Jammingway: Well then, what are you waiting for!?

Speaking with the marked NPCs

Perimeter Patrol Unit: 
<beep> Fugitive “Grebuloff” data downloaded. Initializing pattern-matching sequence...
Sighting confirmed. Last known location: territory between Base Omicron and clouded portal. Target life-forms were deemed “annoying, but non-threatening,” warranting no interaction.

Idle Idling Unit: 
<whirr> Anomalous data detected in clouded portal transmission record. Timecode suggests these unregistered life-forms may be the “Grebuloffs” you are looking for.

Return to N-7000

Camera recordings confirm that Patron-003 ran screaming through Base Omicron, followed closely by Patron-004. Did any patrol units provide additional data?
Then there is a high probability that the clouded portal was the customers' point of egress...

How do their little legs run so fast!? Asking for a friend...
At any rate, that portal leads to Ostrakon Tria. Let us make for the abode of the Ea. At the least, there may be more eyewitnesses.

At Ostrakon Tria

Per this Ea unit, the rogue customers may be somewhere nearby.

Sarcastic Ea: 
If it is indeed the well-armored beings you speak of, they entered our abode crying for water. Incidentally, their crying produced water as well, which one must assume is why they were carrying on so.
Regardless, we told them of the wellspring of regret. Perhaps it brings them spiritual comfort, as we once found in our holy places─or perhaps they continue to weep, even now.

...This unit would not venture to theorize. However, projections do indicate that once the Grebuloffs locate a water source, they will entrench there. Despite their sophistication, their nature subjects them to certain base instincts.

If only they had stayed for tea... They must be awfully dehydrated by now. Come on!

Locate the Grebuloffs

(Cutscene begins)

Nostalgic Grebuloff: Fathomless deep! You followed us all the way out here?

It is our responsibility as café managers─though we underestimated your determination and lung capacity, I must admit. Do you feel better now that you've seen the water?

Query: is the imbecilic life-form malfunctioning? This unit lacks many of the traits shared by organic races, but even so, the visual data could not be more conclusive.

Jammingway: I shan't dignify that with a response. But...how do you feel?

Nostalgic Grebuloff: UuuUuuUuugh...

Jammingway: So...bad, then?

Nostalgic Grebuloff: 
Yes, bad! We finally escaped those pointy terrible machines, only to find...this! We can't dive in this miserable little puddle─it's barely suitable for dipping!

Emotional Grebuloff: 
I don't want to be in this strange land! I want to go home! But we've lost so much...did we finally lose our ocean, too?

I'm...not certain I understand. Are oceans truly that superior to lakes? Our seas on the moon don't even have water most of the time...
Ah, like in Old Sharlayan? Big and blue, with a horizon all its own?

This unit has never seen such a thing. Omicron protocol is to evaporate significant water sources that may be of use to the enemy before landing.

There are no oceans in Ultima Thule, that's for certain.
Even so, there must be something here that brings back pleasant memories of the sea, rather than depressing ones...
You would know, [Forename] What's unique about the ocean, aside from all the water?

(Player is prompted to choose a response; both are flavored as suggesting the salty smell of the ocean)

In that case...perhaps we can harness the scent you recall to evoke memories of relaxing days at the shore.

This unit acknowledges the potential of this course of action. Comparison of data from the Dead Ends and records on the Ragnarok shows significant similarities between the chemical compositions of the oceans of Etheirys and the Grebuloffs' star.

Sea smell it is! Once [Forename] sniffs out a sufficiently ocean-scented ingredient, we'll sprinkle it on a delicious dish to raise our customers' spirits.

Isolating odiferous compounds and querying database...
<ping> Convenient chemical matches found among the life-forms present in the wellspring of regret. This unit assumes your olfactory senses are sufficient to discern which ones.
May this unit once again suggest the purchase of gold salmon roe from unit N-0598 in A-4 Research? It is scientifically proven effective in attracting organic life-forms.

Surely we can find some manner of dish to cook with that! Perhaps a soup?

This unit suggests worrying about that after allied units reconvene at the Last Dregs. In the meanwhile, protocol requires that management gently prod the customers until they regain their faculties.

Returning with the Items

Emotional Grebuloff: 
<sniff> This salty, tangy, vaguely fishy aroma... How bittersweet it is...

Nostalgic Grebuloff: Astounding! It tastes just like the tide!

Emotional Grebuloff: 
An invigorating flavor, as if I've waded in and accidentally swallowed a lungful!
...Ah, such fond memories! Even if they do sting a bit.

Nostalgic Grebuloff: 
We had many, many a good day, thanks to our beautiful sea.
If I could go back to those times, I would treasure the blessings it gave us. I would keep it safe from harm...

<whirr> Incoming transmission from Stigma-4...
Observational units report rapid changes to Elysion's landscape. All signs point to Grebuloff influence.

Jammingway: Really!? Well, this bears seeing for ourselves!

Speak with N-7000

On interaction:

N-7000: This unit fears for the cardiovascular system of the excitable life-form, and recommends not keeping it in suspense any longer.

(Cutscene begins showing the changes to Elysion.)

From their profound love and appreciation, the Grebuloffs' ocean has been reborn! It will make a fine home for myriad aquatic creatures.
There is yet much room for Elysion to grow and change. What other hopes will the power of dynamis bring to life?

(Cutscene Ends)

It may be a bit smaller than the real thing, but it certainly smelled like an ocean to me! And did you see the happy looks on the Grebuloffs' helmeted little faces?

This unit did see, and appreciates allied units' assistance in fulfilling this objective.

We have land, we have sea...one does wonder what could possibly come next. Not to mention what menu items it will inspire!

...More importantly, this mission is evolving. Analysis of statements made by the Grebuloffs, as well as their overall demeanor, indicates that their memories originated just prior to their star's ultimate demise.
Once reconstructed, the individuals initially remained in a state of deep despair over what had befallen their world, and its seas in particular.
Via Operation: Soup, however, café management restored to them their will to carry on. These events have caused this unit to reevaluate the significance of the current mission. Mission significance and satisfaction with current orders are now rated as “high.”
<whirr> Yet this unit has unresolved queries. Metaphysically, this unit and other life-forms in Ultima Thule are naught but simulations─memories reconstructed with dynamis. Regardless of our actions, can these “lives” truly be categorized as meaningful?

...Not to cut your existential crisis short, bolt head, but do we not have data proving that you're as metaphysically significant as anyone else? Our customers affected the dynamis of Elysion, and that's a fact.
You lot may be a little different, but your feelings─your hopes, your dreams? Those are real. So let's get out there and serve up some smiles, eh? We can't do it without you.

N-7000: <whirr> <whirr> ...Affirmative. Thank you, Jammingway.