Live for the Mettle

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Live for the Mettle
Type Kill Boss
Location The Azim Steppe - Onsal Hakair (x14.1,y15.1)
Level 65
Duration  ?m
Enemies Manikantha
Description Having emerged from Bardam's Mettle seemingly having proved his mettle, the doubly proud and triply vicious Manikantha seeks to sate a hunger grown large on the proving grounds. The Mol, sensing that the beast's hunger may take him to their livestock pens-or worse, their yurts-have sent warriors to slay him, and seek any aid a nearby adventurer might provide.
Experience 93,555
Gil 130
Company Seals 373
Live for the Mettle is a level 65 Kill Boss FATE in The Azim Steppe - Onsal Hakair (x14.1,y15.1).

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