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Junkmonger (Empyreum)

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Junkmonger empyreum fsh.PNG

Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)
Empyreum (10.2,10.5)

— In-game description

Junkmonger is an Elezen found in Empyreum.


Zone Coordinates Level range
Empyreum (X:10.2, Y:10.5)
Empyreum (Subdivision) (X:11.9, Y:9.2)

Items for Sale

Puchase Items

Item Type Cost
Lugworm icon1.png   Lugworm Other Gil 1
Moth pupa icon1.png   Moth Pupa Other Gil 1
Pill bug icon1.png   Pill Bug Other Gil 2
Crayfish ball icon1.png   Crayfish Ball Other Gil 2
Goby ball icon1.png   Goby Ball Other Gil 3
Bloodworm icon1.png   Bloodworm Other Gil 3
Rat tail icon1.png   Rat Tail Other Gil 4
Saltwater boilie icon1.png   Saltwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Midge basket icon1.png   Midge Basket Other Gil 4
Freshwater boilie icon1.png   Freshwater Boilie Other Gil 15
Crab ball icon1.png   Crab Ball Other Gil 5
Butterworm icon1.png   Butterworm Other Gil 5
Crow fly icon1.png   Crow Fly Other Gil 240
Floating minnow icon1.png   Floating Minnow Other Gil 264
Brass spoon lure icon1.png   Brass Spoon Lure Other Gil 276
Shrimp cage feeder icon1.png   Shrimp Cage Feeder Other Gil 6
Bass ball icon1.png   Bass Ball Other Gil 6
Chocobo fly icon1.png   Chocobo Fly Other Gil 324
Spoon worm icon1.png   Spoon Worm Other Gil 7
Syrphid basket icon1.png   Syrphid Basket Other Gil 7
Silver spoon lure icon1.png   Silver Spoon Lure Other Gil 384
Steel jig icon1.png   Steel Jig Other Gil 384
Herring ball icon1.png   Herring Ball Other Gil 8
Honey worm icon1.png   Honey Worm Other Gil 8
Sand leech icon1.png   Sand Leech Other Gil 8
Wildfowl fly icon1.png   Wildfowl Fly Other Gil 432
Krill cage feeder icon1.png   Krill Cage Feeder Other Gil 9
Stem borer icon1.png   Stem Borer Other Gil 9
Sand gecko icon1.png   Sand Gecko Other Gil 9
Mythril spoon lure icon1.png   Mythril Spoon Lure Other Gil 492
Glowworm icon1.png   Glowworm Other Gil 10
Rolling stone icon1.png   Rolling Stone Other Gil 10
Hoverworm icon1.png   Hoverworm Other Gil 10
Northern krill icon1.png   Northern Krill Other Gil 11
Caddisfly larva icon1.png   Caddisfly Larva Other Gil 11
Balloon bug icon1.png   Balloon Bug Other Gil 11