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Feature Quest icon.png


Way of the Goldsmith.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10, Y:13)
Required items
1 Black pearl ring icon1.png  Black Pearl Ring HQ icon.png
1 Piety materia iii icon1.png  Piety Materia III
Experience 210,600
Gil 0
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Fox in the Hen House
Next quest
Feature QuestForm to the Formless

Serendipity appears to be extremely tired. Perhaps you should inquire why.

— In-game description


In addition to the above, choose one of the following options:


Gathering Blacklip oyster icon1.png  Blacklip Oyster (Fishing Level 44) and crafting it into Black pearl icon1.png  Black Pearl is the only way to obtain that if you are on a Free Trial.

Quest Side QuestCrazy about Crystals is the only guaranteed way to obtain Piety materia iii icon1.png  Piety Materia III if you are on a Free Trial.



  • Serendipity appears to be extremely tired. Perhaps you should inquire why.
  • A sleep-deprived Serendipity has tasked you with a very important commission, once again for the merchant Roroton. As an attendee to the sultana's nameday celebration, he wishes to present a gift to Her Majesty. If his gift meets with her favor, he will rise to even greater prominence in Ul'dahn society. You must craft a high-quality black pearl ring, and then you must meld to it a grade three piety materia. When finished, present the ring to Serendipity.
  • After Serendipity verifies that you have completed the ring, she summons Roroton to the guild. However, your meeting takes a dramatic turn when Robert bursts in and accuses the merchant of being the Jade Fox. He takes Roroton into custody and departs the guild, though not before seizing your black pearl ring as evidence. Speak with Serendipity and see what she thinks of this unexpected development.
  • Serendipity suddenly realizes that Gigi is nowhere to be found, and begs you to help her find him. She recalls that he was muttering something about Pearl Lane, and suggests that you begin the search for the missing mammet there.
  • You and Serendipity find Gigi in Pearl Lane, along with Robert and Roroton. Gigi accuses the Sultansworn of being an imposter, a claim which Robert does not deny. His identity revealed, the Jade Fox attempts to hold Roroton hostage, but the merchant and mammet manage to subdue the thief. Observing that Gigi has been severely damaged in the struggle, you heroically attempt to repair him by jamming your ring inside him, despite having absolutely no knowledge of mammet construction and no reason to believe it would make a difference. Inexplicably, your efforts appear to meet with some success, as the mammet reactivates and subsequently states how much it dislikes your most recent creation. Return to the guild and discuss all that has transpired with Serendipity.
  • Serendipity explains that your reckless attempt to repair Gigi with your black pearl ring invoked such overwhelming disgust that the mammet, through sheer strength of will, overcame its injuries. She also reveals that Gigi's original name is Mnejing, and that as the first mammet ever built, he served as the basis for all future designs. However, she decides not to divulge this information to the mammet, as it would only serve to inflate his ego even more. Although she appreciates your good intentions, Serendipity politely requests that you not tamper with a mammet's internal mechanisms again-- at least until you have gained a cursory knowledge of their workings.