I Believe Fish Can Fly

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I Believe Fish Can Fly

Way of the Fisher.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:7.9, Y:14.5)
Required items
5 Cloud cutter icon1.png  Cloud Cutter
Experience 196,020
Gil 0
Previous quest
Fishing in the Rain
Next quest
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Sisipu wishes to assign to you another commission from the Brugaire Consortium.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


Fishing Log: Sea of Clouds

Fishing Log: Witchdrop



  • Sisipu wishes to assign to you another commission from the Brugaire Consortium.
  • Sisipu hopes that you haven't forgotten your humble roots, despite your recent successes. One such success has earned you a repeat customer, as Sybell of the Brugaire Consortium has come to the guild once more and is waiting outside to commission your services.
  • The Consortium's latest request is for five cloud cutters, a curious flying fish said to thrive within the Sea of Clouds in Ishgard. So that you might learn how to catch your quarry, Sybell instructs you to seek the advice of Firminnant at Whitebrim Front in the Coerthas central highlands.
  • Though he clearly does not think you will succeed, Firminnant instructs you to bait your hook with hoverworms, then cast your line into the Sea of Clouds. Should you manage to catch five cloud cutters, return to Limsa Lominsa and deliver them to Sisipu.
  • Sisipu is intrigued that the cloud cutters truly exist, and that you were able to catch them. Her awe quickly turns to annoyance as the incorrigible Wawalago appears and shares with her one of many rumors regarding the mysterious past of the Consortium's client. Never one to be distracted by rumormongering, however, Sisipu declares that she will simply deliver the fish.
    • ※The next fisher quest will be available from Sisipu upon reaching level 50.