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Honoring Family

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Honoring Family

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Quest giver
M'zhet Tia
The Fringes (X:18.9, Y:21.6)
Required quest
The Silence of the Gods
Experience 26,750
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Make a Man Out of You
Next quest
The Rose Blooms Twice

M'zhet Tia is ready to reclaim what is rightfully his.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • M'zhet Tia is ready to reclaim what is rightfully his.
  • Believing he has sufficiently recovered from his rigorous training session, M'zhet Tia prepares to go to the Peering Stones to confront M'rahz Nunh. He asks that you accompany him to bear witness to his victory.
  • M'rahz Nunh agrees to duel. However, he insists on moving the battle to a ravine southeast of the Peering Stones. M'zhet consents and takes his leave of the camp. You follow him to the ravine and wait for the fight to begin.
  • It seems M'rahz Nunh has come not to fight, but to talk. As he tells it, M'zhet Tia's father left the village of his own volition, staying close by to keep watch over his former tribe. When a herd of ravenous monsters came stampeding toward the Peering Stones, he sacrificed himself to stop the herd, leaving his son in the Ananta's care. The weight of this revelation has left M'zhet Tia bereft of the resolve to fight. What will he do now?
  • Knowing of his father's selfless sacrifice has inspired M'zhet Tia. He soon makes for the Peering Stones to speak with M'rahz Nunh.
  • M'zhet Tia wishes to rejoin the M tribe to someday carry on in his father's footsteps. Should he become nunh someday, he plans to once again challenge the friend and mentor who helped to reunite him with his people.