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His Secret Shame

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His Secret Shame

Scars of War.png
Quest giver
Lakeland (X:8.3, Y:17.1)
Experience 54,000-57,240
Gil 715
Previous quest
Scars of War
Next quest
A Much-needed Respite

Mauwyl wears an increasingly uneasy expression.

— In-game description


  • Search for Tolas.
  • Rescue Tolas.
  • Speak with Mauwyl.


  • Mauwyl wears an increasingly uneasy expression.
  • Mauwyl once again worries for Tolas, who has yet to return from making his rounds. Worried that harm may have befallen his friend, he suggests that the two of you split up and search for the knight. The young woodcutter will return and search within the Imperative, and bids you search without.
  • Scouring the woods, you find an ashen-faced Tolas cowering before a vicious monster. As the veteran knight seems, for reasons unknown, too terrified to swing his blade, you take it upon yourself to slay the fiend and come to his aid.
  • You make quick work of the beast, rescuing Tolas from a fate most dire. The knight ruefully discloses that he has found himself unable to fight ever since the recent battle, with the events of that day tormenting his conscience even still. He assails himself as a coward who valued his own safety over the lives of his men, and declares himself unworthy to carry on his grandfather's name. In the end, he returns to the stronghold to think over matters, pleading you not to divulge his secret shame to his friend.
  • Back at the Imperative, Mauwyl expresses his gratitude to you for bringing Tolas back safe and sound. He nevertheless remains concerned for his friend, who he says has barely uttered a word since his return. You resolve to sojourn at the stronghold a bit longer, that you might help the troubled knight dispel his demons.