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Scars of War

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Scars of War

Scars of War.png
Quest giver
The Crystarium (X:12.5, Y:15.8)
Experience 54,000-57,240
Gil 961
Previous quest
More than a Hunch
Next quest
His Secret Shame

Mauwyl is concerned for the well-being of a friend.

— In-game description



  • Speak with Mauwyl at the Ostall Imperative.
  • Ask around about Tolas.
  • Speak with Mauwyl.


  • Mauwyl is concerned for the well-being of a friend.
  • Walking about in the Pendants, you come upon Mauwyl, a young woodcutter. Fawning profusely over you and your accomplishments, he begs your aid in finding out what is troubling one Tolas, a member of the Crystarium guard and close companion. Should you be so inclined, accompany the youth to the Ostall Imperative, and lend an ear to the guardsman's troubles.
  • You reunite with Mauwyl at the Ostall Imperative. The two of you make your way to Tolas's post, and are quickly taken aback when the stern-looking guardsman at first reacts to your presence with sudden panic and fear. The man apologizes for the overreaction, and explains that he has been feeling fatigued ever since coming back from a particularly harrowing battle with the sin eaters. Tolas then dashes off abruptly, leaving Mauwyl increasingly concerned about his friend's state of mind. The youth suggests that you split up and inquire with Tolas's fellow guardsmen, that you might glean some insight into what weighs on the man's heart.
  • Speaking with the guardsman, you are able to glean two pieces of information: one, that Tolas is descended from a prominent family of knights, and two, that he suffered the loss of his entire regiment in the recent attack. No doubt Mauwyl will find this knowledge enlightening. Seek him out and share what you know.
  • You share your findings with Mauwyl, who sympathizes deeply with his friend for the tragedy he faced. He offers you a reward for all you have done for him, and bids you stay and help him talk to Tolas, that the wounds his heart suffered in the battle might yet be healed.