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A Much-needed Respite

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A Much-needed Respite

Quest giver
Lakeland (X:8.6, Y:18.6)

Experience ?????
"?????" is not a number.
Gil 788
Previous quest
His Secret Shame
Next quest
Resolve Regained

Mauwyl remains frustrated by his friend's stubborn silence.

— In-game description


  • Speak with Tolas.
  • Speak with Tolas at Clearmelt.
  • Wait for Tolas by the baths.
  • Speak with Tolas.


  • Mauwyl remains frustrated by his friend's stubborn silence.
  • Tolas grudgingly shares his tale of shame with his woodcutter friend. The proud and stubborn guardsman at first declares his intention to immediately return to the battlefield to atone for his failures, an idea which is quickly shot down by Mauwyl, who insists that his friend take a respite from his duties until he is fully recovered. Tolas reluctantly agrees, and goes off to his commanding officer to formally make his request. Concerned that his friend might have a change of heart, Mauwyl asks you to follow him there.
  • You are relieved to see that Tolas fully intends to honor his friend's request, and moreover, that his commanding officer has already granted his request for a leave of absence. The officer, one Sir Atli, also showers you with glowing praise for your own exploits in the recent battle, and suggests that you and Tolas both wash your cares away with a soak in the healing hot spring waters of Clearmelt. Tolas finds the invitation most agreeable, and sets off for the baths straightaway. Follow along after him if you are so inclined.
  • You reunite with Tolas in front of the bathhouse at Clearmelt. The guardsman explains that it is his first time visiting the establishment, but nevertheless he appears to be looking forward to the experience. He invites you to change your clothes and go on ahead, as he anticipates that removing his full set of armor will take some time still.
  • You enjoy a relaxing bath in the company of Tolas, who is still having difficulty coming to terms with recent events, and their implications for his lifelong pursuit of the art of war, and his future as a member of the Crystarium guard. You are in the process of offering what advice you can, when the two of you are interrupted by one of Tolas's fellow guardsmen, who rushes onto the scene wearing an expression of concern. He explains in grave tones that a stray sin eater has attacked a supply caravan with which Mauwyl was traveling, and that the young woodcutter has gone missing. Worried for his friend, Tolas vows to head back and join the search effort with all speed, and makes an earnest plea for your aid.
  • After changing back into your standard gear, you reunite with Tolas beside the baths. The guardsman is uncertain whether or not he has fully recovered to the point that he can fight at full strength again, but nevertheless is determined to do anything and everything in his power to deliver his friend from harm.



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