Highbridge Times

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Highbridge Times

Quest giver
Eastern Thanalan (X:20, Y:21)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 18,480
Gil 0
Previous quest
Shadow of Darkness
Next quest
Where There Is Smoke

Hihibaru wants to help you find Lahabrea... maybe.

— In-game description




  • As it turns out, Hihibaru is more concerned with his own business than yours. He brusquely tells you to speak with the other merchants at Highbridge about the masked man.
  • Your conversations with the other merchants have yielded nothing of note. For want of better lead, perhaps you should speak with Hihibaru once again.
  • Hihibaru suspects that someone may be inciting the beast tribes. Apologizing for his earlier rudeness, he promises to keep an eye out for your target.


Hihibaru: When the Order of Nald'thal began excavating the ruins below, I had hopes that Highbridge would turn into a bustling hub for pilgrims. But thanks to the nigh-endless beastman raids, folk are too afraid to come within a malm of here.

Hihibaru: I sold everything I owned to get my venture started, and I'm loath to give up without making an earnest effort to stick it out. But if things keep going as they are, I'll be bankrupt before the moon is through...

Hihibaru: Whining won't do me any good, though. No, for my business to survive, I need business. Speaking of which, perhaps you'd like to browse my wares! Spend a bit of coin to help a struggling merchant!

Hihibaru: ...The masked man? Bah, Thal take your bloody masked man! I know what I said before, but vague rumors are all I've got. If you want to know about him, go and ask the other merchants!

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