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Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness

Eden's Verse Iconoclasm.png
Quest giver
The Empty (X:5.9, Y:5.8)
Quest line
Eden Quests
Experience 0
Gil 3,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestInto the Firestorm
Next quest
Feature QuestOn Thin Ice

Thancred is looking particularly chipper, despite the heavy rainfall.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:



  • Thancred is looking particularly chipper, despite the heavy rainfall.
  • Thancred is as pleased as anyone by the return of rain to the Empty. However, being the practically minded fellow he is, he suggests choosing another location to discuss your next move, as having waterlogged smallclothes is making it rather difficult to concentrate.
  • Urianger's explanation of the plan to restore the ice element is soon interrupted by Gaia, who is none too pleased to hear that it may take decades for the Empty to be restored. Upon hearing that the endeavor is for the benefit of future generations, Gaia, clearly moved by your selfless deeds, finally begins to open up, expressing her innermost doubts and fears. Her thoughts are soon interrupted by what appears to be a sudden headache, and she absents herself, heading outside for some fresh air. The others express their growing concern for her well-being, and Thancred suggests that you go to check on her. You arrive on Eden's canopy to find Gaia lost in a reverie, and the situation takes a dramatic turn for the worse when a dark aura manifests around her and coalesces into an ominous floating glyph. At that moment, countless flying sin eaters appear from nowhere and begin circling above Eden, with the glyph at their center, though rather than attacking this dark entity, they seem to be in its thrall. With Gaia now rendered immobile and entirely defenseless, you have no choice but to take her to Eden's core and decide how best to approach this unforeseen threat.
  • With Gaia now unconscious, Thancred recommends dealing with the sin eaters swarming around Eden before attempting to make sense of their sudden arrival. He volunteers to stay in the core to repel any attackers that breach Eden's defenses, while Urianger tends to Gaia. You prepare to confront the mysterious embodiment of Darkness and its legion of enslaved sin eaters.
  • Despite being impossibly outnumbered, you succeed in dispersing the dark aether and the horde of sin eaters that were drawn to it. With the threat now apparently eliminated, you return to Eden's core to see if Gaia's condition has changed for the better.
  • You return to find that Gaia is still in a comatose state, with Ryne desperately pleading for her to wake up. Her voice seems to reach Gaia, who eventually regains consciousness. Naturally, she is more than a little subdued, though you and your companions are glad to see that she is otherwise unharmed. With the worst now behind you, it seems to be safe to proceed with the plan to restore the element of ice.