Give a Man a Drink

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Give a Man a Drink

Quest giver
Shamani Lohmani
Eastern La Noscea (X:21, Y:21)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Required items
1 Lohmani Rosso Icon.png  Lohmani Rosso
Experience 14,280
Gil 0
Previous quest
It Won't Work
Next quest
That Weight

Shamani Lohmani appears to be in deep thought.

— In-game description



  • Reflecting on his past, Shamani Lohmani has decided that he cannot bear to disappoint his former captain, and he swears that he will find a suitable wine for the banquet. In the meantime, he asks that you deliver a bottle of his own original wine to Drest, a man who saved his life several years ago. Though he does not know exactly where Drest now lives, he does know that the man sometimes works at the Raincatcher Gully docks. Speak with Rhitskylt and see what he knows of Drest.
  • Rhitskylt knows little of Drest, and is more than happy to keep it that way. However, he does know that Drest lives alone at the Severed String, which lies far to the southwest of the docks. Traverse the jungle and deliver Shamani Lohmani's wine to the hermit.
  • You find Drest living alone in a squalid shack. Though he accepts your gift of wine, he does so with great trepidation. It is immediately clear to you that there is something very, very wrong with this disheveled, nervous man...


Shamani Lohmani: I must say, this talk of Bacchus wine has made me rather nostalgic. Indeed, there is much I miss about my life with the Company of Heroes.

Shamani Lohmani: After everything the captain has done for me, I could not bear to disappoint him...

Shamani Lohmani: Aye, have no fear. I swear that I shall find a suitable wine for the banquet─though I may need some time to think of a solution.

Shamani Lohmani: In the meantime, there is a favor I would ask of you.

Shamani Lohmani: Two years ago, in the deepest depths of my despair, I stumbled across Vylbrand as a vagabond drunk. I suspect I was looking for a place to die, because I very nearly found one not far from here.

Shamani Lohmani: It was there that a man named Drest took me in and nursed me back to health. And it was he who gave me my first taste of Bacchus wine, which helped me to find my new calling. Though I am still a novice in the arts of winemaking, I would like him to know that I am pursuing my dream.

Shamani Lohmani: This wine is my own original creation, and I would be most grateful if you delivered it to him in my stead. Drest sometimes works at the Raincatcher Gully docks, so perhaps Rhitskylt can tell you where to find him.