Full Belly, Happy Heart

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Full Belly, Happy Heart

Quest giver
The Solar (X:6, Y:6)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Required items
2  Lohmani Rosso
3  Seventh Heaven Special
Experience 4,800
Gil 658
Previous quest
All Due Respect
Next quest
Writhing in the Dark

The plight of the refugees weighs heavily on Minfilia's mind.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


  • Collect the wine. 0/2


  • Minfilia suddenly recalls that she asked her mother to arrange a welcome supper for the first arrivals. Observing that you are unoccupied at present, she bids you ask F'lhaminn if there is aught which needs doing.
  • F'lhaminn informs you that the Seventh Heaven is responsible for preparing the meals, and that all should be proceeding according to plan. However, it would seem she too is a proponent of excess caution. You are to speak with Alys to confirm the state of the meals -- but not before collecting several bottles of wine which are to be delivered as well.
  • Wine bottles in hand, you are now ready to speak with Alys. Venture outside and inquire as to the status of the meals.
  • Alys willfully misinterprets your concern as an offer to deliver the meals in her stead, placing them on the counter and waiting expectantly for you to pick them up. Refusing at this point would accomplish little; collect the meals as bade.
  • In a remarkable display of dexterity, you secure the plates of food without the use of trays, bags, cases, or anything of the sort. Deliver the meals and wine to the Adventurers' Guild assistant outside the northern gates.
  • The assistant is bemused to see that it is none other than the legendary Warrior of Light who brought her the Domans' food. Regardless of the circumstances which led to your arrival, she is nonetheless grateful for your presence, as there is a situation which would benefit from your personal attention.

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