Forever Younglier

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Forever Younglier
Type Kill Boss
Location The Ruby Sea - Rasen Kaikyo (x20.1,y4.4)
Level 62
Duration 15m
Friendly NPC Heaven's Confederate
Enemies Katabira's Red, Katabira the Younglier
Description Insistent on plundering the pirates of their hard-plundered plunder, the Red Kojin have sent in one of their finest warriors, a thick-shelled veteran known as Katabira the Younglier, who also happens to be a master of ninjutsu.
Experience 119,340
Gil 356
Company Seals 124
Previous FATE Days of Plunder
Forever Younglier is a level 62 Kill Boss FATE in The Ruby Sea - Rasen Kaikyo (x20.1,y4.4).

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