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Spinning the Truth

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Spinning the Truth

The Social Knitwork.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:12.9, Y:10.6)
Required items
3 Crawler silk icon1.png  Crawler Silk
Experience 1,113,840
Gil 412
Previous quest
For Lover and Country
Next quest
Never Leave without a Good-bye

Averil's eyes are shining with glee.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Averil's eyes are shining with glee.
  • Averil reveals that she is now officially a chirurgeon, and can join Freskin in battle. Glenda may suspect something is up, however, for she has recently demanded that Averil spin a wool donation. Averil has done so, and asks that you take it to her mother in Saint Reymanaud's Cathedral.
  • You hand over the wool donation to a nonplussed Glenda, who demands in return that you tell Averil to fashion monastic robes. Return to the Arc of the Venerable, and inform Averil now.
  • Averil is shocked to hear her mother's request. Much as she would like you to make the monastic robes in her place, she understands that she must do it by herself. However, Averil continues, her mother never forbade you from making the materials for the robes. To that end, she asks that you spin her three spindles of high-quality crawler silk.
  • Using the crawler silk you painstakingly spun, Averil weaves and sews a fine set of monastic robes that pass even Glenda's stern inspection. With a hint of devilish glee, Averil announces that she will be staying out longer and later, and Glenda walks off in a huff. Averil says she will continue practicing, and will call upon you one last time when the day of battle draws near.
    • ※The next weaver quest will be available from Averil upon reaching level 60.