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For All the Nights to Come

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For All the Nights to Come

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Quest giver
Coerthas Western Highlands (X:16.9, Y:22.8)
Required quest
Main Scenario QuestSounding Out the Amphitheatre
Experience 11,895
Gil 5,000

The dead care not for justice, but Wealdtheow would see them have it just the same.

— In-game description





  • The dead care not for justice, but Wealdtheow would see them have it just the same.
  • Recognizing you as the honored ward of House Fortemps, Wealdtheow implores you to enter the ruins of the Dusk Vigil and reclaim a priceless treasure: an ice rondel set in the crown of a sculpture within the vigil's chapel. Though the vigil has remained abandoned since it fell, knights now stand watch to deter scavengers. You will need to identify yourself before you can enter.
  • The knight grants you leave to enter, but not before warning you that wild beasts and worse infest the ruins. The recent sighting of a massive winged creature gives you pause as well... Nevertheless, an agreement was made. Wealdtheow will have his stone.
    ※The Dusk Vigil can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • In the days following the Calamity, western Coerthas was abandoned by the knights of Ishgard, save for the Dusk Vigil, whose defenders refused to withdraw. Their tragic sacrifice is a tale known to many...but only those who have ventured within the ruins know what truly became of those brave men and women. As you hold the ice rondel in your hand, you consider how much you might share─and how much you might keep to yourself.
  • Was it for duty, honor, or faith that Ser Yuhelmeric refused to yield the Dusk Vigil, even though he knew it would cost the lives of him and his knights? Or perhaps something else entirely─a sapphire, perhaps, one of many precious things stolen from his family by the inquisition. Wealdtheow knows that his family can never be made whole again, but for his son and the wife he left behind, at least this injustice can be righted.


Accepting the Quest

Wealdtheow: >> Cowards, all of you! Have you no shame at all!? <<
Wealdtheow: Oh, I...I beg your─ Wait, are you not Master/Mistress [Surname]? Honored ward of House Fortemps? Praise Halone, surely you will consider my request!
Wealdtheow: Know you the Dusk Vigil? Westernmost of the citadel watchtowers built to warn of the Horde's approach? 'Twas lost following the Calamity─another victim of the snows.
Wealdtheow: Within the ruins lies a priceless treasure which must needs be reclaimed.
Wealdtheow: I thought to enlist the services of these so-called dragonslayers, but it seems their courage is not as boundless as they would have you believe.
Wealdtheow: But you, sir/miss─you are not one to shy away from danger, am I right?
Wealdtheow: Very good, very good indeed! There is a sculpture of the Fury within the Dusk Vigil's chapel. An ice rondel is set in its helm. I would have you prise it free and deliver it to me.
Wealdtheow: The Vigil is not difficult to find. Simply head north towards Banepool until you come to the gates. Knights may bar your passage, but should you explain who you are, they will grant you leave to enter.

Optional Dialogue

Wealdtheow: That ice rondel is dear to me. I should be most grateful if you could deliver it to me.

Speaking with Nadinie

Nadinie: What's this? A ward of House Fortemps wishes to enter the Dusk Vigil? You are aware that the ruins are infested with wild beasts and gods only know what else, are you not?
Nadinie: Why, just the other day, one of the Convictors claimed to have seen a massive winged beast─not a dragon, mind, but something altogether different.
Nadinie: But far be it from me to deny an esteemed personage the opportunity to kill himself/herself in new and exciting ways. Pray go on ahead.

Entering the Dusk Vigil

Torn Journal Page: To whoever reads this─if there is anyone left to read it─let it be known that I, Ser Pascaleret Neurtaille, bore witness to Dalamud's fall. The lesser moon's descent, the black doom which emerged from within, the flames which spread across the horizon, turning night to day─it shall haunt me for the rest of my days.
It is the dawn of the “Seventh Umbral Era,” according to some of the men. I told them to put no stock in the ravings of the prophetess, but even I do not know what to believe anymore.
Torn Journal Page: The engineers are still surveying the damage, but anyone with eyes can tell that the Dusk Vigil is beyond repair. Some walls are hardly fit to be called as such, piles of crumbling masonry as they are.
The officers have been pleading with Ser Yuhelmeric, asking him to order a withdrawal. He knows our position is untenable, yet he refuses. “We will hold it to the last, for we are the shields on the wall─the defenders of the Holy See,” he says. He is a brave, pious man. Less so, we who serve under him.
Torn Journal Page: The men we rescued from the collapsed wing have not fared well. Given our dwindling supplies and this seemingly endless blizzard, we may be forced to make difficult decisions soon.
This unseasonable weather grows worse with every passing day, and the toll it has taken on morale is plain. We have yet to receive reinforcements from the Holy See, and I fear none shall come. Nevertheless, Ser Yuhelmeric remains steadfast in his decision and will suffer no talk of withdrawal.
Ser Yuhelmeric's steward tells me he passes hours in the chapel, praying to the Fury for guidance... But I chanced to see him once, as he knelt before the statue. His eyes were transfixed upon the jewel in its helm, and he was whispering things I dare not write.
Torn Journal Page: Ser Yuhelmeric has taken me into his confidence. He says I am an honest man. I wish I were a braver one.
The mutiny has been quelled. Among the starving, half-mad knights were Ser Yuhelmeric's most trusted officers. He wielded the axe himself.
Ser Yuhelmeric received me in the chapel afterwards. I told him we will not last a fortnight without food. He smiled and told me that the Fury has blessed us with a bounty of fresh meat, then returned to his prayers. I joined him.
Torn Journal Page: O Halone, pray forgive Your humble servant. For too long have I let fear rule my heart, and in my cowardice have I been party to unspeakable acts.
I know now I shall never see my children again─nor would I want them to look upon their father's face...and what it has become.
I am outside Her grace.

Optional Dialogue

Nadinie: I'd rather not know what you found inside. Some of us have to remain here on guard duty.

Delivering the ice rondel to Wealdtheow

Wealdtheow: Do you have it, Master/Mistress [Surname]?
<Hand Over Ice Rondel>
Wealdtheow: Yes, there is no mistaking it! At last, it is ours once more...
Wealdtheow: My parents presented this sapphire to me on my wedding day, as my wife and I presented it to Yuhelmeric on his. One day, they would do the same for their son...
Wealdtheow: But for that disgrace of an inquisitor! Suspicion of heresy, what rot! He knew what he wanted from the start.
Wealdtheow: ...By the time I secured her release, they had interrogated her for days. She...she was a shadow of her former self.
Wealdtheow: But the final insult─the final twisting of the knife─was when my son took command at the Dusk Vigil and found the ice rondel to be the centerpiece of the newly commissioned sculpture of the Fury. He couldn't prove it was the selfsame one which had vanished, but, oh, he knew...
Wealdtheow: But no more, no more! It is back with the family, where it belongs.
Wealdtheow: ...It is, admittedly, hollow comfort. Yet in my waning years I must accept what little that can be had.