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Repeatable activities reset on two different timeframes: the daily reset and the weekly reset. Each type of reset has a different time during the day when it occurs. For the daily reset, there are also two activities that are common exceptions, which reset at a different time of day.

While the game has three time options on the in-game clock display (the game client's Local Time or LT, Eorzea Time or ET, and Server Time or ST), the Server Time is generally the most relevant for finding out when a reset is coming. Server time for all servers globally is the same as the GMT/BST time zones, and therefore does change for daylight savings.[1] The resets themselves do not move for daylight savings, and so they occur at different Server Times depending on the part of the year.[2] All times below are Standard, non-Daylight Savings times.

For more information on activities affected by reset times, see Daily and Weekly Checklist.

Daily Reset

The daily reset is 3PM GMT whether Daylight Savings Time is on or off. The following table gives the Local Times at which reset occurs for American time zones based on whether DST is on (March-November) or off (November-March).

Caption text
Time Zone Pacific Mountain Central Eastern
Daylight Savings Time On 8AM 9AM 10AM 11AM
Daylight Savings Time Off 7AM 8AM 9AM 10AM

Examples of activities affected by this reset are Duty Roulette rewards and the Tribal Quests.


There are two common exceptions to the Daily Reset: Grand Company Supply and Provisioning Missions and Levequest Allowances.

Supply and Provision Missions

The GC reset is 8PM GMT. This is 3PM Eastern, 2PM Central, 1PM Mountain, 12PM Pacific.

Levequest Allowances

The leve reset is 12AM/PM GMT. This is 7AM/PM Eastern, 6AM/PM Central, 5AM/PM Mountain, and 4AM/PM Pacific.

Weekly Reset

This information is transcluded from Template: weeklyreset.

The weekly reset is 8AM GMT on Tuesdays. This is 3AM Eastern, 2AM Central, 1AM Mountain, 12AM Pacific.


Some activies that the weekly reset affects are the Challenge Log, loot from Raids, and certain missions in Adventurer Squadrons.


  1. More info is needed on which jurisdiction's daylight savings dates are used for Server Time. Is it client based?
  2. So any idea why server time is not actually server time? (Reddit)