Encampment Armorer

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Encampment Armorer

Encampment Armorer South Shroud.PNG

Female ♀
Elezen (Wildwood)
South Shroud (17.2,28.8)

— In-game description

Encampment Armorer is an Elezen found in South Shroud.

Items for Sale

Purchase Battle Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Steel celata icon1.png   Steel Celata Head ABasic 30
Gil 3,532
Steel sallet icon1.png   Steel Sallet Head ABasic 30
Gil 2,523
Steel elmo icon1.png   Steel Elmo Head ABasic 32
Gil 3,522
Velveteen sugarloaf hat icon1.png   Velveteen Sugarloaf Hat Head ABasic 32
Gil 2,348
Steel cuirass icon1.png   Steel Cuirass Body ABasic 30
Gil 4,373
Toadskin jacket icon1.png   Toadskin Jacket Body ABasic 30
Gil 3,123
Velveteen robe icon1.png   Velveteen Robe Body ABasic 31
Gil 2,761
Steel scale mail icon1.png   Steel Scale Mail Body ABasic 32
Gil 4,361
Steel gauntlets icon1.png   Steel Gauntlets Hands ABasic 30
Gil 3,139
Toadskin armguards icon1.png   Toadskin Armguards Hands ABasic 30
Gil 2,242
Velveteen dress gloves icon1.png   Velveteen Dress Gloves Hands ABasic 31
Gil 1,982
Steel scale fingers icon1.png   Steel Scale Fingers Hands ABasic 32
Gil 3,131
Padded velveteen trousers icon1.png   Padded Velveteen Trousers Legs ABasic 30
Gil 2,403
Toadskin brais icon1.png   Toadskin Brais Legs ABasic 30
Gil 2,403
Velveteen gaskins icon1.png   Velveteen Gaskins Legs ABasic 31
Gil 2,124
Toadskin breeches icon1.png   Toadskin Breeches Legs ABasic 32
Gil 2,796
Toadskin leg guards icon1.png   Toadskin Leg Guards Feet ABasic 30
Gil 2,563
Velveteen dress shoes icon1.png   Velveteen Dress Shoes Feet ABasic 31
Gil 2,265

Purchase Field Gear

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Steel goggles icon1.png   Steel Goggles Head ABasic 31
Gil 2,539
Mythril magnifiers icon1.png   Mythril Magnifiers Head ABasic 34
Gil 2,953
Anglers hat icon1.png   Angler's Hat Head ABasic 35
Gil 2,721
Velveteen gown icon1.png   Velveteen Gown Body ABasic 30
Gil 2,499
Velveteen doublet vest of crafting icon1.png   Velveteen Doublet Vest of Crafting Body ABasic 32
Gil 3,634
Velveteen doublet vest of gathering icon1.png   Velveteen Doublet Vest of Gathering Body ABasic 32
Gil 3,634
Velveteen shortgloves icon1.png   Velveteen Shortgloves Hands ABasic 28
Gil 1,453
Velveteen work gloves icon1.png   Velveteen Work Gloves Hands ABasic 30
Gil 2,242
Linen halfgloves icon1.png   Linen Halfgloves Hands ABasic 33
Gil 2,195
Fingerless boarskin gloves of gathering icon1.png   Fingerless Boarskin Gloves of Gathering Hands ABasic 35
Gil 3,024
Velveteen bottoms icon1.png   Velveteen Bottoms Legs ABasic 28
Gil 1,557
Toadskin culottes icon1.png   Toadskin Culottes Legs ABasic 30
Gil 2,403
Linen chausses icon1.png   Linen Chausses Legs ABasic 33
Gil 2,058
Linen sarouel of gathering icon1.png   Linen Sarouel of Gathering Legs ABasic 35
Gil 2,592
Velveteen gaiters icon1.png   Velveteen Gaiters Feet ABasic 28
Gil 1,661
Toadskin workboots icon1.png   Toadskin Workboots Feet ABasic 30
Gil 2,563
Walnut pattens icon1.png   Walnut Pattens Feet ABasic 33
Gil 2,822
Boarskin crakows of gathering icon1.png   Boarskin Crakows of Gathering Feet ABasic 35
Gil 2,764