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Elegance and Artistry

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Elegance and Artistry

Form to the Formless.png
Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10.0, Y:12.5)
Required items
1 Hardsilver bangle of casting icon1.png  Hardsilver Bangle of Casting
Experience 663,390
Gil 538
Previous quest
Form to the Formless
Next quest
Double Trouble

Marcel would speak with you about the music box you will be crafting.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Marcel would speak with you about the music box you will be crafting.
  • Marcel informs you that he has chosen a song for the music box, and would have you consult with your client directly to determine the physical appearance she would like the masterpiece-to-be to take. Seek out Jeweled Peak at the Sapphire Avenue Exchange.
  • Jeweled Peak shares with you her requests for the music box she has ordered. She seeks a piece of surpassing elegance and grace that is sturdy enough to stand up to daily use, and would like it adorned with gemstones─a ruby, a sapphire, or both. Share your findings with Marcel at Eshtaime's Aesthetics.
  • You relay the client's wishes to Marcel, who reacts with great interest. He requests that you try your hand at crafting an item requiring similar techniques─to wit, a hardsilver bangle of casting─that he might gauge whether you have the ability to meet Jeweled Peak's high expectations.
  • Marcel is quite taken with the bangle you fashioned, declaring that you indeed possess both the skill and aesthetic sensitivity to realize the ideals of his mentor. Knowing just how demanding his client is, however, he encourages you to hone your skills yet more before commencing work on this most important commission.
    • ※The next goldsmith quest will be available from Marcel upon reaching level 55.