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Double Trouble

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Double Trouble

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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10.0, Y:12.5)
Required items
1 Hardsilver ingot icon1.png  Hardsilver Ingot
Experience 836,550
Gil 2,156
Previous quest
Elegance and Artistry
Next quest
A Masterclass

Marcel is looking somewhat agitated.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Marcel is looking somewhat agitated.
  • As you greet a flustered Marcel, Still River─husband to Jeweled Peak─appears on the scene. The grizzled warrior brusquely informs the two of you that he is looking to commission a gift for his wife on their anniversary─a gift which coincidentally matches his wife's order to the letter. Marcel, having been sworn to secrecy by both of his clients, is at a loss. He asks you to return to the guild and seek the wisdom of Mistress Serendipity.
  • As a possible solution to your dilemma, Mistress Serendipity suggests you travel to Ishgard to seek out one Pierryvain, composer of the timeless melody that your two clients seek to use for their music boxes. With her letter of introduction in hand, pay a visit to the guardsman at Haillenarte Manor.
  • Bartelot informs you that Master Pierryvain has departed for the Sea of Clouds with his lord in search of inspiration for his latest and greatest masterpiece. Make for Camp Cloudtop and seek out the celebrated composer.
  • True to his reputation as a musical genius, Pierryvain has no sooner heard your plight than does he offer a solution─he will create two arrangements of his timeless melody that both husband and wife might have music boxes that are separate, and yet one. In turn, he demands that your creation be crafted to produce clear tones worthy of his work. Fashion a hardsilver ingot to impress upon the artiste your ability to do his piece justice.
  • Pierryvain is taken with the sterling quality of your ingot, and agrees to grant you permission to use his work, entrusting you with sheet music to the two arrangements he has penned for the occasion. Return to Ul'dah and deliver them to Marcel, along with the news that your dilemma has been solved.
  • Marcel eyes the sheet music with wonder, deeply impressed at the lengths to which you went to fulfill the wishes of his clients. Declaring your devotion to your art first-rate, he eagerly presses forward with preparations, encouraging you to continue to hone your skills in the meanwhile.
    • ※The next goldsmith quest will be available from Marcel upon reaching level 58.