Down the Rabbit Hole

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Down the Rabbit Hole
Type Kill Boss
Location Eureka Pagos - Frozen Lake (x18.2,y26.9)
Level 20
Duration 30m
Enemies Voretooth
Description A group of capricious happy bunnies fancying a portable refuge from the frequent snows of Pagos have found their plot to filch several straw hats foiled, and themselves outnumbered. They would surely feel indebted to whoever keeps them from becoming dinner for the yukidama and their not-so-fun-loving guardian, Voretooth.
Experience 31,545
Tomestones Allagan Tomestone of Poetics 24
Light None (0%)
Down the Rabbit Hole is a level 20 Kill Boss FATE in Eureka Pagos - Frozen Lake (x18.2,y26.9).

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