Creeping Nightshade

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Creeping Nightshade
Type Kill Enemies
Location Lakeland - The Forest of the Lost Shepherd (x10.3,y22.1)
Level 71
Duration  ?m
Enemies Elven Brigand, Elven Thief, Elven Burglar
Description Nightshade has begun preparations to establish a stronghold in ruins nearby the Crystarium. The self-styled renegades are far too volatile to be considered anything but an active threat, and Crystarium forces require assistance in discouraging this ambition.
Experience 225,000
Gil 142
Bicolor Gemstones 12
Previous FATE Looming Nightshade
Next FATE Subtle Nightshade
Creeping Nightshade is a level 71 Kill Enemies FATE in Lakeland - The Forest of the Lost Shepherd (x10.3,y22.1).

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