Coral Support

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Coral Support
Type Escort
Location The Tempest - The Norvrandt Slope (x35.3,y9.4)
Level 79
Duration  ?m
Starting NPC Teushs Ooan
Enemies Drifting Morgawr, Dread Servant, Zumshs Aath Dreepdread
Description Teushs Ooan aims to lure Archaeotania into the open with sanguine coral, which can be found in large quantities in a nearby cave. As one might expect, it is rife with dangerous beasts, and it falls to you to keep the reckless Ondo from becoming their next meal.
Experience 369,000
Gil 158
Bicolor Gemstones 12
Previous FATE Lookin' Back on the Track
Next FATE Low Coral Fiber
Coral Support is a level 79 Escort FATE in The Tempest - The Norvrandt Slope (x35.3,y9.4).

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