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Cold Days, Colder Nights

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Cold Days, Colder Nights

Quest giver
Foundation (X:13.3, Y:12.51)

Required quest
The Better Half
Required items
4  Scrap Wood
Experience 11,700
Gil 517
Next quest
Caught in the Act

Brictt is looking to keep warm tonight.

— In-game description


  • Ration out the scrap wood to freezing vagrants. 0/3


  • You speak with Vaincannet and make it clear to him just how dire the situation is in Foundation. Although there is no firewood to spare, he offers an alternate solution. A number of buildings were destroyed in a recent dragon attack, and the lumber from these buildings cannot be used again for construction. Therefore, you are welcome to use the scrap wood as fuel for the needed fires. Return to the Brume and show Brictt the bundle of scrap wood.
  • You show the bundle of scrap wood to Brictt, and the embers of hope in his eyes are rekindled. He asks that you ration out the wood to the freezing vagrants down below in the Brume.
  • You pass out the wood to several freezing vagrants, but there may still be others in need of a warm fire tonight. Continue searching for townsfolk in need of scrap wood.
  • You find a young Elezen girl cold and alone in an alleyway. You offer her scrap wood and she is overwhelmed by your hospitality -- so much so that she offers to distribute the remaining scrap wood in your stead. Being intimately familiar with the Brume, she guarantees to have the job done without delay. Report to Brictt and tell him the good news.
  • Brictt is pleased to hear the people of Brume will stay warm for another night. When you tell him of your young Elezen helper, however, his face turns stern. Osaulie, the child who ran off with the scrap wood, is well known for thievery, and now her antics have jeopardized the well-being of all those seeking respite from the cold. You need to retrieve the scrap wood before it is too late.