Market for Death

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Market for Death

Rogue quest image.png
Quest giver
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:6.1)
Experience 6,240
Gil 0
Previous quest
Sweet Sorrows
Next quest
Cloying Victory

Jacke's rogues have new information on the final missing treasure.

— In-game description


  • Search for the black marketeer at Thalaos.
  • Tend to the black marketeer.
  • Speak with Thalaos.
  • Speak with Milala at the Foremast.
  • Speak with Jacke at the Rogues' Guild.


  • Jacke's rogues have new information on the final missing treasure.
  • Jacke calls a meeting to discuss the true nature of the enigmatic Black Sarcophagus. According to Perimu's investigation, the ominously named object is, in fact, an experimental explosive developed by the Garlean Empire. As the gathered rogues ponder the implications of their discovery, however, Lonwoerd interrupts to deliver a letter from their itinerant underworld contact. Travel to Thalaos in upper La Noscea, and seek out the black marketeer.
  • Upon approaching the inert form of the dark-robed old man, you suddenly find yourself the target of an Executioner ambush. Though the odds are against you, your deadly rogue training eventually prevails. Wipe the blood from your blades and see what can be done for the black marketeer.
  • The eccentric information broker has been murdered by the Executioners for his meddling. You learn from the lone pirate remaining at the scene that the captain of the Reformists plans to use the Black Sarcophagus to assassinate Admiral Bloefhiswyn. Speak with Jacke and discuss what can be done.
  • While he is busy escorting his pirate prisoner back to the guild, Jacke asks that you share your revelations with the Yellowjackets. Head to the Foremast in middle La Noscea and speak with Captain Milala.
  • Though she initially suspects you of harboring larcenous intentions, Milala nevertheless accepts the news of the impending assassination attempt at face value. Return to the Rogues' Guild and report to Jacke.
  • Jacke appears relieved to hear of the Yellowjackets' immediate deployment. Master the use of your new venom, and join your fellow rogues in their efforts to reclaim the Black Sarcophagus...before it is too late.