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The clionid feeds on plankton early in life. As it matures, however, it begins consuming flesh in order to satisfy its voracious appetite, using the tentacles extending from its head to latch onto prey. A winsome appearance that belies a vicious nature gives the colloquial appellation of "sea faerie" a chilling accuracy.

— In-game description

Clionid is a Wavekin found in The Tempest.


Name Type Item Level Rarity Quantity


Zone Coordinates Level range
The Tempest (X:29, Y:6) 79


Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Additional Information


Clionids will target and consume any Deep-sea Leeches in the direct vicinity, gaining a stacking buff of Enlarge. If 3 leeches are consumed before the buff expires, the buff is converted to Fully Enlarged, and the Clionid gains the ability Buccal Cones which will deal 100% of the targets Max HP in damage, instantly killing them.