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Blade That Was Broken

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Blade That Was Broken

Forging Northwards.png
Quest giver
The Pillars (X:7.4, Y:10.7)

Required items
1 Titanium lump hammer icon1.png  Titanium Lump Hammer
Experience 1,113,840
Gil 0
Previous quest
The Good Fight
Next quest

Fremondain seems a bit more driven than normal.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Fremondain seems a bit more driven than normal.
  • It transpires that Fremondain wishes his mistress to wield Integrity, the sword of House Jervaint, her birthright, in the final round of the grand tourney. As you might predict, however, it is not in the right state. It has rusted through and is nigh unusable. Thus, Fremondain asks you to consult with Forgemaster Brithael to discover a way to restore the once-mighty blade.
  • Forgemaster Brithael is glad to see his favorite smithy, and shocked to learn you have not earned enough for a tankard of ale from House Jervaint. Yet, he reasons, a blacksmith's fame is tied to the heroes who wield his creations, and encourages you to continue with Baroness Laurisse for that reason alone. Moving along, he pronounces restoring Integrity to be beyond his skill. However, a certain fellow named Gerolt may be able to help. Make your way to Hyrstmill and consult with Eorzea's preeminent weaponsmith.
  • You attempt to show Integrity to Gerolt, who yells at you to either go away or take it up with Drake. The apprentice himself is eager to help, but lacks the skill. He believes he can yet persuade his master, but Gerolt's services will come at a cost─a high-quality titanium lump hammer. Apparently, the legendary smith's displeasure stems from the loss of his own tool to moneylenders. Aid the apprentice.
  • After admiring your handiwork, and offering praise for the hammer, Drake bids you speak again with Gerolt. His master ought to be more welcoming, he says.
  • While "welcoming" might be a stretch, Gerolt nevertheless looks at Integrity. Though he is quick to praise its construction─it being of fine adamantite, made pure by some ancient technique─he also says it is impossible to repair. However, there is a ray of hope; the sword's hilt holds the remains of some Ishgardian saint, and from this hallowed bone does the blade's power stem. It could be remade if you forge an adamantite winglet of the same shape, size, and quality as the original, and then transfer the reliquary to your creation. Return now to Fremondain at the Jeweled Crozier, and tell him of this interesting development.
  • You return Integrity to Fremondain, and reveal all you have learned. Although surprised, the steward nevertheless takes it in stride, and wonders aloud if the bone inside the original sword is that of Saint Finnea. He leaves you with a single thought: now that the final round of the grand tournament nears, perhaps a new blade will give Baroness Laurisse the edge she needs.
    • ※The next blacksmith quest will be available from Fremondain upon reaching level 60.