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Between Sleep and Death

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Between Sleep and Death

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Quest giver
Foundation (X:12.0, Y:10.2)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Tank role.png Tank
Experience 1,048,320
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestSleepless in Ishgard
Next quest
Feature QuestBeacon in the Darkness

Tentoawa has a worried expression on his face.

— In-game description



  • Tentoawa has a worried expression on his face.
  • Tentoawa asks your advice about a letter he plans to write to Loazenikwe, and after some words of encouragement he reveals that the effect of the cradle may soon wear off and after it does, he must sleep. You ponder the implications of this before Firmalbert arrives to inform you that more Temple Knights have been found asleep while on guard duty. Tentoawa finds this obsession with shaming the knights peculiar, and suggests that following them might be an effective way to track down Leophyne. As luck would have it, Firmalbert knows that a group of Temple Knights is even now joining knights from House Durendaire to patrol the ruins of Gorgagne Mills. You decide to assist them, and Firmalbert instructs you to speak with Redwald before departing for the mills.
  • Redwald listens to your story attentively and informs you that a group of knights has already left for the Gorgagne Mills. If you set out now, you may reach them before they run afoul of any sleep-inducing relics.
  • You arrive at the entrance of Gorgagne Mills to see Tentoawa kneeling before a trio of insensate knights. While they appear unharmed, Tentoawa warns you to be on the lookout for Leophyne, and instructs you to search the nearby building for any more members of the party.
  • As you explore the dilapidated building, you hear a yell from the basement. Following the source of the sound, you encounter two House Durendaire scouts being accosted by a pair of thugs. You quickly dispatch the interlopers, but the scouts seem shaken by the incident. A helping hand ought to get them on their feet.
  • The House Durendaire scouts thank you before urging you to go stand guard with the Temple Knights. As you exit the building into the endless snow, you see an approaching woman whose scar marks her as Leophyne. After a heated exchange, Tentoawa draws his weapon, but soon falls victim to the artifact's influence, collapsing into a deep sleep. Leophyne appears energized, and after a few cryptic words, leaves her thugs to finish off you and the dazed knights.
  • The thugs fall to your might, and while the knights seem to be regaining their senses, Tentoawa remains motionless. Perhaps a shake can rouse him awake.
  • Despite your best efforts, Tentoawa's slumber remains absolute. The Temple Knights offer to carry him to the Congregation, where Firmalbert awaits to hear what transpired at Gorgagne Mills.
  • Firmalbert assures you that Tentoawa will be safe under guard until he awakens. In the meantime, he is resolved to find out where Leophyne is hiding and to end her scheme to turn the Temple Knights into a laughingstock.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from Firmalbert upon reaching level 96 in any tank class.