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Sleepless in Ishgard

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Sleepless in Ishgard

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Quest giver
Foundation (X:12.0, Y:10.2)
Quest line
Dawntrail Role Quests
Tank role.png Tank
Experience 1,021,440
Gil 1,000
Previous quest
Feature QuestThe Narwhal Beckons
Next quest
Feature QuestBetween Sleep and Death

Tentoawa is eyeing each passing Ishgardian with curiosity.

— In-game description



  • Tentoawa is eyeing each passing Ishgardian with curiosity.
  • Tentoawa suggests that the best way to find Leophyne might be to scour Ishgard for people sleeping in the frigid cold. Luckily, you receive a more solid lead when Firmalbert informs you that someone matching Leophyne's description was sighted near Camp Dragonhead. Eager to learn more, Tentoawa departs to the outpost, and urges you to follow him.
  • Eugennoix informs you that the woman fitting Leophyne's description was spotted heading south, but your conversation is interrupted when the knight receives a call over linkshell. Apparently, a shipment of supplies was attacked to the west of the Observatorium. Hearing this, Tentoawa readily volunteers both you and him to rescue the people escorting it. Find the shipment and fell any beasts assaulting it.
  • You find Tentoawa searching frantically for the beleaguered soldiers. He asks you to search further down the road and suggests you be ready for a fight.
  • You come upon a knight of House Fortemps being assaulted by a group of silver wolves, but quickly dispatch them. The knight seems flustered but unharmed, and eager to speak with his valiant protector.
  • Just as the knight thanks you, mores beasts steal up on you from behind. Luckily, Tentoawa strikes them down, and with your foes dispatched, you observe two Temple Knights apparently asleep. After rousing them, they deny that they would ever shirk their duty in such a way, but the facts suggest otherwise. Though Tentoawa is certain that the cradle is to blame, he is unwilling to openly remark upon it. With Leophyne nowhere to be found, the young warrior suggests returning to Ishgard to plan your next course of action.
  • You report what transpired to Firmalbert, and although Tentoawa explains that the knights fell victim to a power beyond their control, Firmalbert insists they must still be punished for allowing their enemy to get the better of them. Tentoawa seems ready to reveal more of the cradle's history to you, and asks you to speak with him in a nearby alcove.
  • Tentoawa explains that for the past ten years, his people have used the cradle to keep him awake as their guardian and protector, the Wide Eye. He transfers his fatigue to another known as the Shut Eye─Loazenikwe─and confesses that she has been asleep for most of her life. He confesses he never considered the cradle's impact on his life prior to its theft, and that he only now realizes its potential for misuse. Although you must wait for further news of Leophyne's movements, the young warrior remains as resolute as ever in his goal to capture her.
    • ※The next role quest will be available from Tentoawa upon reaching level 94 in any tank class.